Everything you need to know

Everything you need to know

A quick tour through all the important aspects of one of the integrated parts of G Suite.

Google Forms has become an integral part of the new work order across global enterprises. It has proven to be quite useful for professionals, business organizations, students, researchers and even NGOs.

Although Microsoft Forms and a few other such alternatives also find takers, their respective footfalls are nowhere near Forms by Google. As a key player in G Suite, it enjoys the pole position when we consider its widespread popularity.

After the pandemic, Google Workspace and Google Classroom have gained more traction, and Google Forms also began to break into the ecosystem of companies and academia. Be it short surveys, online tests, competitions or even quizzes – it’s almost everywhere, making things seamless with inch-perfect precision.

Let us guide you through each and every important aspect of it and discuss them in detail. Stick around to unlock new tools and explore interesting possibilities, safely. Here we go!

Forms from Google

Contrary to certain popular misconceptions, accessing Forms by Google is quite easy. You can easily view, make changes and even change the format. [Image Credit: Google]

How to create Google Forms?

There are many among us who have not used this gem of a tool from Google and therefore are not familiar with its hassle-free functionality and unmatched power. For the uninitiated, Forms by Google might be created very simply by following someone simple steps and can serve a variety of purposes for you or your organization.

Let’s take a closer look at them, which will make creating a Google Form an absolute cake walk, even if it’s your first interaction with this G Suite tool.

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For computer or laptop

  • Open up any browserbe it Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Microsoft Edge.
  • Just click Blank + and you will be good to go, as in a moment you will see one new Google form is opened up.

For Android

  • It’s almost the same. Select any mobile browser and go straight to forms.google.com.
  • ONE new Google form opens automatically. It’s simple and straightforward, much like a walk in the park.

For iPhone and iPad

  • In case you have one Apple device and wondering if using Google Forms would be as easy as accessing them on Android ecosystems, so stop worrying. We’ve got you covered.
  • Open the built-in Safari browser (you can also choose Google Chrome).
  • Then go towards forms.google.com.
  • Now you have one new Google form at your service.

Other ways to create Google Forms

Aside from the processes shown above, there are several other ways you can make a new copy of this brilliant G Suite tools. And unlike some problematic views, these are also easy to work with.

You can create a new Google Form direct from your Google Drive or right in Google Sheets. Let’s get started with the simple guide.

From Google Drive

  • First, for your information, when you create a new Google Form, it becomes automatically saved in your respective Google Drive.
  • To create a new form from Google directly from Google Drive, go to drive.google.com, if you are operating from a computer or laptop. If you have a mobile device or tablet, open your Google Drive from mobile browser or from The Google Drive app itself (the latter would be easier to handle and would prove to save time).
  • If you have a closer look, you will see, i top leftis there such a thing as New. Just click New and then select Google Forms. Your job is done.

In Google Sheets

  • When it comes to creating Google Forms in Google Sheets, it is an extra advantage on the table. When you create a new Google Form in Google Sheetseveryone answers to your specific Google form will be stored Right in a new sheet.
  • This special feature saving A lot of time and make things super simple.
  • If you are using a computer or laptop, open one new spreadsheet in Google Sheets. If you have access via a mobile device or tablet, perform the same action from your mobile browser – be it Apple Safari, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge or something else. You can also choose the official app option for Google Sheets.
  • Select Tools and click it. Then Create one new Google form. The route is unhooked.
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How do I access Google Forms?

Contrary to certain popular misconceptions, accessing the forms from Google is quite easy. You can view, make changes and even change the format without problems. Here is the hack.

  • Access the Google Form from your Google Drive, Google Sheetsbrowser, mobile browser or the official apps.
  • View everyone answers, without much fuss. You can easily check the details of the respective sender.
  • Edit your Form. You will be surprised to know that you actually can add, edit or format text, images and even videos in your created Google form.
  • The format of the Google form can be changed to make it more like one quiz or survey. Sometimes such adjustments in the format can work wonders for you.
  • Besides, you can too make changes to your preference regarding the final goal of answers to your Google Form.

Change dynamics

The pandemic continued to have a significant impact not only on our social life, but also on the digital front. To be more precise, at the intersection of the two. These paradigm shifts have catapulted larger ramifications across the spheres.

This is where the rise of Google Forms becomes instrumental. Let’s get a quick overview.

  • Now we have many online quiz where bragging rights are decided through a team or individual’s response to a Google form.
  • Apart from quizzes, many talent hunts or scholarship operation is also done through Forms by Google lately.
  • More and more NGOs implements online surveys through Google Forms.
  • Scientists also use Forms by Google to get organic feedback from people outside academia to have data from a more diverse sample, within a short time, without problems.
  • Schools, colleges and universities are now themselves carrying out various online exams on Google Forms, which is unprecedented and indicates a long-term impact.
  • Even in case of recruitment across industriesGoogle Forms are becoming quite effective globally.
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Comes with a caution

However, you must take note of the increasing number of cyber scams done using Google Forms. All over the world, there has been a recent increase in such digital fraud attempts. Therefore, don’t click one Google form sent to you random on WhatsApp, Messenger or via email. On the other side, keep track on access management of one new Google form created by you.

Beware of hackers, who find it easy to make soft targets prey thanks to Forms by Google. Keep a close eye and take the necessary measures for safe handling of Google Forms.

Big turnaround for Google

The the year 2022 was not kind enough to Google. Spoiled by technical redundanciesthen that company headquartered in Mountain View fall to a reported loss of 27% online excess earnings to Q3 in current financial year.

However, with new set with Chrome features and Chrome extensionsit is trying to restore parity. And in his attempt to hold his ground and fight back, Google Forms may well turn out to be one wild card.

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