Everything currently known about the hacker behind the GTA 6 leaks

Everything currently known about the hacker behind the GTA 6 leaks

Needless to say, the hacker responsible for the GTA 6 leaks has caused a lot of controversy over the past week. That said, a suspect was recently arrested for their alleged involvement in the GTA 6 leaks.

The investigation has been ongoing for less than a week, and several questions have yet to be answered. What is known is that the hacker is responsible for the biggest leak in recent video game history.

Here is a brief compilation of known information about the hacker behind the GTA 6 leaks. Remember that a lot will change between now and later. It is an ongoing story that will likely be updated continuously in the near future.

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Current details on the suspect behind recent GTA 6 leaks

They are said to have been behind the Uber and Rockstar security breaches

Uber and Rockstar Games are in close coordination with the FBI and the US Department of Justice while both companies are being hacked. The group known as Lapsus was apparently involved in the attacks that have previously targeted Microsoft and Nvidia in 2022.uber.com/en-GB /nyhetsrom…

Sometime on September 15, a hacker managed to bypass Uber security via social engineering. A few days later, on September 18, another hacker released over 90 minutes of GTA 6 leaks. It is unknown if they are the same person, although Uber believes there is a connection in some way.

The hacker allegedly sent a Telegram message to a website administrator for the hacking forum Breached. They reportedly claimed responsibility for the recent attacks on Rockstar Games, and even sent evidence to the site’s administrator.

Hacker sites like Doxbin were quick to figure out the hacker’s identity. Apparently, he would go by the pseudonyms “White” and “Beachbase.” The hacker must have a criminal record with a previous arrest. He apparently has a history with law enforcement agencies.

Uber believes the hacker was involved with the Lapsus$ group

BREAKING: A hacker forum webmaster claims the person behind the GTA 6 and Uber hacks is none other than the leader of the Lapsus$ ransomware gang. It is reported that a 16-year-old boy from UK.Lapsus$ has previously breached Okta, Samsung, Nvidia, Microsoft, Ubisoft, etc.

On September 19, Uber released its official statement regarding the matter. They believe the hacker may have ties to Lapsus$. The notorious hacker group has gained notoriety over the past year. They committed various cyber attacks on major companies such as Microsoft, T-Mobile and Ubisoft.

Lapsus$ was particularly known for using Telegram for communication purposes. The hacker behind the GTA 6 leaks reportedly used the same messaging app when contacting the Breached forums.

Uber and Rockstar have since contacted the FBI and the US Department of Justice regarding the impending case. The National Crime Agency has also been involved in the case, as the suspect is believed to be from the UK. Lapsus$ is considered an international group of law enforcement agencies.

A 17-year-old was arrested on suspicion

BREAKING NEWS: London Police and the FBI are expected to provide further information and statements later today regarding the arrest of the alleged 17-year-old GTA 6 hacker. Source: @MatthewKeysLive

On September 22, the City of London Police arrested a 17-year-old teenager from Oxfordshire. They announced the arrest on their official Twitter page. The suspect is now in custody, suspected of hacking. At the time of writing, he is still in police custody.

The investigation into the GTA 6 leaks was held up by the National Cyber ​​Crime Unit, a commanding branch of the National Crime Agency. They are responsible for looking into serious crimes related to cyber attacks in the UK.

As we discuss the GTA 6 leaks, it remains to be seen if there are more hackers at work here. The investigation is still ongoing, so more answers will be revealed in the coming weeks and months. If the suspects are convicted of their alleged crimes, the judge is likely to hand down harsh sentences.

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