Ethereum Price Prediction Amidst FTX Hack Dumping

Ethereum Price Prediction Amidst FTX Hack Dumping

  • We provide an Ethereum price prediction in the wake of recent market volatility following the FTX hack dump.
  • We also look at two other presale tokens to consider investing in, both of which have raised significant funds despite the bearish conditions.

Ethereum followed Bitcoin in the bull run of 2021 and returned 3800% to investors who bought the coin before March 2020. A crash followed and Ethereum fell from its all-time high of $4870 to $1000, losing almost 80% of its value.

Ethereum found support at that price level and eventually recovered to $2,000, leading some investors to believe that the coin was headed for a new ATH. It wasn’t to be, and one of the reasons was because of the FTX collapse.

ETH fell again, falling back to $1,070 as fears increased over the FTX hack. Some investors now believe further downside is on the cards for Ethereum, while others remain more hopeful.

Even if ETH recovers, it will take considerable time to set a new ATH – it could take years, and in the meantime investors are looking for Ethereum alternatives to make massive returns.

Ethereum price prediction

After days of downward movement, Ethereum found strong support around $1,060 and then after breaking through $1,800 and retesting that level.

It rose slightly higher, giving the perception that it would rally again, but it ended up being a bull trap as ETH eventually fell back to $1,094.

It is clear that Ethereum is consolidating and looks set to do so until the end of the year because it has yet to break out of its downtrend since the massive crash. The Ethereum price is likely to range between $1,120 and $1,700 until the end of 2022.

The coin is on track to break out of its downtrend in 2023 if it continues to consolidate as it has since June. After the breakout, a rise to retest $1,800 is likely, and breaking through that resistance would see ETH on its way to $2,400 by the end of 2023.

So, Is Ethereum a good investment right now?? Although a significant recovery for ETH appears to be on the horizon from 2023, investors should not be surprised to experience another scary drop.

A quick drop to $800 could happen, possibly a wick forming before the recovery – falling down to that level would mean retesting the level at the resistance ETH faced in 2018 and failed to break.

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Altcoins to buy instead of ETH

Our team specializes in finding coins that have huge potential, and the two coins it identified were D2T and TARO.

Both cryptocurrencies are on pre-sale, where prices tend to be lower and allow more room for growth, and have different uses.

Investors have flocked to these platforms because many believe that the coins will rise once they are listed on exchanges.

Dash 2 Trade (D2T) – Effective crypto signals and chain analysis platform

Dash 2 Trading has developed a platform to help traders become more profitable. Its various technical and fundamental features enable traders to optimize their positions to increase the chances of having favorable trades.

In the wake of the FTX collapse, the Dash 2 Trade developers – who are doxxed and KYC verified and also behind highly rated beginner trading platform Learn2Trade – decided to cut pre-sales in order to bring their protocol to market sooner than originally planned.

Crypto investors and traders are clamoring for reliable tools and analytics that can help them avoid scam projects and invest in profitable projects with confidence, both of which Dash 2 Trade provides.

That means there are only around 100 million tokens and only one stage of the presale left before the token reaches the exchanges – CEX’s LBank and BitMart have already announced that D2T tokens will be listed on their exchanges after the presale ends.

Investors who wait for the coin to reach its ICO may regret it because the best altcoins to invest in, like D2T, usually take off after receiving large exposure on exchanges.

To avoid FOMO and panic buying, investors should buy D2T tokens while they are priced low – that is now, during the third phase of the presale.

Investors can top up their bags at $0.0513 per token now with the price increasing to $0.0533 in the fourth and final step.

Visit the Dash 2 Trade Presale now

What does Dash 2 Trade offer?

Investors who want to simplify trading by avoiding extensive chart analysis can choose buy and sell signals that Dash 2 Trade sends.

Finding crypto projects in their infancy is challenging for many investors due to the inherent risk and time-consuming nature, but investing in pre-sales has been one of the best strategies for making money in the 2022 bear market.

Dash 2 Trade offers a tailored presale and ICO feature that notifies investors of new presales and coins added to exchanges.

The platform also carefully analyzes each project by looking at the utility, tokenomics and audits, and then scores them out of 100 to provide a guide to investors about the project’s legitimacy.

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This service helps investors identify projects that may turn out to be like FTX and invest in the best projects with full confidence.

The on-chain analysis consists of a scanner that follows popular networks and detects irregular wallet movements. It flags such activity so investors can monitor what the smart money is doing. This information helps investors open positions when a large number of tokens are moved.

Determining market sentiment is important for investors and finding out that data is effectively best achieved via Dash 2 Trade’s social indicator.

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This feature provides metrics about cryptos that the community is talking about online.

This information helps traders identify sentiment and enables them to buy coins that are likely to take off due to the speculation created on social media such as Twitter and Reddit.

Technical tools

Investors can opt for automated trading via Dash 2 Trade’s platform, and an automated review of the car trader is put in place to determine performance and identify successful strategies.

Another way investors can identify successful strategies is by using the build tool – together with the backtester, investors can test different hypotheses in an environment that emulates real markets to find profitable ones without spending their own money.

Investors can also include professional tools such as moving averages, bands and even gain insight into order book statistics on exchanges.

The risk profiling tool tracks an investor’s behavior to determine certain trends, identify successful strategies that the investor used and the ideal chart setup that contributed to profitability.

Visit the Dash 2 Trade Presale

Dash 2 Trade Subscription

Use of the platform requires investors to subscribe to the platform Three packages are available:

  • Free: Acts as an introduction to the features without providing access to them.
  • Starting: Only provides access to certain features such as basic market insights and supply chain analysis. The starter package costs 400 D2T tokens monthly.
  • Premium: Investors who want access to all the features such as trading contests and whale wallet movement will choose the premium package – 1000 D2T tokens monthly.

D2T Tokenomics

Dash 2 Trade has now allocated 262.5 million of its 1 billion token supply to its presale, but 150 million of these have already been sold in previous presale rounds.

Only 5% of the tokens are available for liquidity on exchanges, so investors who are not buying D2T tokens now may be challenged to buy them once they are listed.

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The tokens allocated for the presale – 437.5 million – will now be locked for five years. Presale tokens have no vesting period for investors.

This presale is selling out quickly and has raised more than $7.5 million, which means now is the best time to secure your D2T tokens.

Buy D2T tokens now

RobotEra (TARO) – Multi-Reward Game rivaling Decentraland

RobotEra has developed an ecosystem that allows players to earn TARO tokens in various ways by rebuilding the Taro planet.

Players buy land with tokens and add assets, infrastructure and activities to make it more valuable and earn money.

At the center of this top crypto games to play is the original token TARO. It is currently on stage 1 presale and available for $0.02, while the final phase of the presale values ​​the coin at $0.032, a 60% increase in value from launch.

Investors waiting for TARO to list on exchanges are likely to pay higher prices – the market has revealed that GameFi coins usually take off during ICOs because investors value their intrinsic value to reward players.

Visit the RobotEra Presale now

Players can use in-game tools to build robot avatars to add activities to their land or sell them as NFTs.

RobotEra also rewards players for going on missions, mining the land for resources, growing sacred trees, running independent continents, and attending concerts.

The key feature that sets RobotEra apart from most real estate games is that it offers players many ways to earn tokens.

Players can connect to other worlds, allowing them to explore other avenues to earn tokens such as hosting events, displaying original works in museums, and inviting other communities to the theme park.

Monetizing land can be done by renting billboard space to advertisers, and once the land has appreciated due to added infrastructure, players can sell it for a profit. Players who want to earn a passive income can stake their coins – essential for the rebuilding of the Taro planet.

Issuing TARO tokens also enables players to act as governors and vote on key issues to determine the ecosystem’s future in the DAO (decentralized autonomous authority) community.

TARO Tokenomics

Investing in a project during the pre-sale is a good move for several reasons – asset prices are low and most of the total offer is allocated to early-round fundraising.

RobotEra is offering 15% of the 1.8 billion token supply during the presale, and after that only 3% of the supply will be available to exchanges.

Visit the RobotEra Presale now

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