ESRB rating may hint at Bayonetta 3 DLC

ESRB rating may hint at Bayonetta 3 DLC

Bayonetta 3 may get DLC at some point in the future, which has been hinted at by the game’s ESRB rating and description.

Bayonetta 3 ESRB rating and description may hint at future DLC as it mentions in-game purchases. The third game in the iconic hack-and-slash series from PlatinumGames and Nintendo, Bayonetta 3 has received a lot of praise in the time since its release, and many see it as another great entry in the franchise. Umbra Witch’s third outing may have been shrouded in some controversy thanks to the original voice actor for the character, but the success of Bayonetta 3 shows how excited the fans were to get their hands on the latest title.


Alongside the controversy surrounding Hellena Taylor, the original voice actress for Bayonetta, there was also a small moment of doubt among fans following the release of the game’s ESRB rating, which mentioned in-game purchases. Online, the speculation mostly led to the conclusion that Bayonetta 3 will allow players to purchase additional Halos and Lotus Seeds. Considering the former is used for cosmetic items, it seemed like Halos might come at the expense of real money.

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However, after the release of Bayonetta 3, these ideas were proven to be false, and no in-game purchases via the currencies were found in the title. This means that the ESRB rating for Bayonetta 3 may point to another type of in-game purchase, such as DLC. Should this turn out to be true, it means that the ESRB description for Bayonetta 3 would suggest that DLC has been in the works for a while, as the game was reviewed a few months ago.

This does not directly confirm that Bayonetta 3 will have DLC coming out in the near future, but that leaves fans questioning what the in-game purchase reference might mean. It is entirely possible that the developers for Bayonetta 3 has more content planned for the game. Recently, PlatinumGames developers talked about the original vision for Bayonetta 3which had it as a semi-open world game so that future DLC could add more expansive areas to the hack-and-slash adventure.

There is also a lot of potential for Bayonetta 3 to have DLC, considering the direction the game’s new narrative is taking. Instead of saving only his own universe, enter Bayonetta 3 Umbra Witch deals with parallel universes, and now that the multiverse has been opened up, the possibilities for future content have become almost endless. Hopefully PlatinumGames will confirm what the ESRB rating was referring to with its mention of in-game purchases Bayonetta 3whether it’s in the reveal of the DLC or something else entirely.

Bayonetta 3 is available now on Nintendo Switch.

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