Error 143 codes, how to play error 143?

Error 143 codes, how to play error 143?

Error 143

Error143 is a famous Otome visual novel and hacking game. This game was directed by Jenny Vi Pham. Error 143 game has a story of rivals to lovers in your DMs with Micah Yujin, the other activities will be available on the desktop you search for. This unique visual novel features Micah Yujin. You will be the main character – hack Micah Yujin at the beginning of the game and lose to Micah in a “Capture the Flag” hacking event and not have to give him a message asking him to be the better hacker.

Error 143 codes

Here are the Friend PC Backdoor passwords that you can use to continue playing your game.


  • Chochi – 99B50D

  • Crocnapping – 4PPLEB0TT0MJ43ANS

  • Faranesque – PASSWORD1

  • Jennyan – LOSER


  • Kroh – SE?V=DQW4W9WGXCQ


  • Ma-Rina – Cynical

  • Mationette – HOT DOG

  • Nine – 12345

  • Odreru – AMEN

  • Ohn – BLUBBU

  • Rei – BACK Head

  • Tofu – SWAGLORD

  • Tora – SOUP

  • Xavi – LURKING


Image source – Youtube

Incorrect 143 answers

Here are the perfect answers to get the three specific endings in error 143:

1) Mistake 1 – The bad ending

This ending will have two parts, both of which are required to be negative with Micah about his feelings for you, specifically in two instances.
Day 1 – Micah tells you that he has a gift to send you. Select:
“Whatever stalker ;P”
Then select:
“I’m uncomfortable”
Micah tells you that he wondered that he chose a mood, but unfortunately this is not the consideration in this case.
Day 3 – You are in a conversation with Micah. He says that “the only thing that would make me happier is if you confess your feelings to me”. Answer with:
“In your dreams”
Then he asks if you want him to stop. Tell him:
“Yes, I want you to stop”
Micah breaks up from your chat feeling quite hurt, and sadness ensues. This will be the “bad” ending, based on how you feel about the matter.

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2) Error 143 – Good ending

For this ending, you must proceed through the game without using the choices. This can get you to the real ending, where Micah arrives in real life, at your window, intent on sweeping you away on an adorable first date. There is no specific need to use this ending other than being lovable and sweet to Micah.

3) Error 211 – The marriage ends

After Micah says he’d “never say no to a rematch”, at the time of your first ever chat, he likes to check your hacking skills again – assuming you’re necessarily rivals. There is a mini game where you can enter whatever you want. If you write “MARRY ME”, Micah will see you in real life and you will get married!

How to play error 143?

As you continue with this game, you can see the list of contacts your colleagues are coming to you. This is how you can get a little sneaky, and dig for more details about the mysterious Micah. The Error 143 passwords are associated with each person and you can use them to hack into their PCs and exfiltrate their files. It’s also not as difficult as it sounds. Everyone has to click on the “hack” button, given below the friends list. Next, go to the Backdoors icon on your computer’s desktop. Here you can guess the passwords for each person.

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