Epic levels up free game giveaway with three all-time classics | Gaming | Entertainment

Epic levels up free game giveaway with three all-time classics |  Gaming |  Entertainment

If you have an Epic Games account, you should hurry to the online store to grab the latest selection of free games. As part of Epic’s free games, the platform holder is giving away copies of the original Fallout, Fallout 2 and the team-based spinoff Fallout Tactics: Brotherhood of Steel. If you want to see where the iconic series began, act fast to take advantage of the deal.

The first three Fallout games are available as free downloads from now until 16:00 GMT on December 23.

A new mystery game will replace the trilogy in the next 24 hours, so stay tuned for the latest updates.

While Fallout 3 will be credited with opening up the series to the mainstream, many hardcore fans believe that the original games better encapsulate the spirit of the post-apocalyptic RPG.

The original Fallout features an extensive decision-making system that radically changes your journey through the Wastelands.

“You’ve just uncovered the classic post-apocalyptic RPG that revitalized the entire CRPG genre,” reads the official description.

The Fallout SPECIAL system allows for drastically different types of characters, meaningful decisions and development that puts you in full control.

“Explore the ruined ruins of a golden age civilization. Talk, sneak or fight your way past mutants, gangsters and robotic opponents. Make the right decisions or you could end up as another fallen in the wastelands….”

Taking place 80 years after the original, Fallout 2 sees players search for the Garden of Eden Creation Kit to save their village.

Originally released as a spinoff to the main series in 2001, Fallout Tactics takes the franchise in a new direction, placing greater emphasis on team-based combat and survival.

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“Your weapons will become more than your tools, they will become your friends.

“You will use your skills to inspire the lowly and protect the weak… whether they like it or not. Your teammates will be dearer to you than your kin, and for those who survive there will be honor, respect and the spoils of war.”

The highly rated games gave birth to a franchise that is still visited to this day. In fact, after a shaky launch, online multiplayer game Fallout 76 is now played by millions of people on PC and consoles.

Developer Bethesda is moving away from the Fallout and Elder Scrolls series with its next release, titled Starfield. Launched in 2023, Starfield is a massive RPG that takes on multiple planets.

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