Elden Ring’s Lands Between Reimagined As Super Mario World’s Map

Elden Ring’s Lands Between Reimagined As Super Mario World’s Map

The vast Lands Between from Game of the Year Elden Ring have been recreated in Super Mario World SNES style, and fans of both games are delighted.

Fire Ring‘s Lands Between has been remade in Super Mario World SNES fashion. FromSoftware’s latest RPG achieved massive success this year, giving FromSoftware’s famous Soulslike formula a prominent open world. Among the Lands Between is the intricate lore that the player must spend hours upon hours fighting and exploring to discover.

A talented one Fire Ring and Super Mario fan has created a surprisingly adorable map of the Lands Between complex in the Super Mario World SNES style. From Fire Ring‘s Erdtree in the Lands Between to Mount Gelmir and Caelid, Sometime Tomorrow Studio included every landmark and location using Super Mario World sprites (via Thrill House Gaming). Some in the replies were quick to note that Erdtree, lesser Erdtrees and Miquella’s Haligtree were all represented by Mario hills with eyes, and that the Super Mario switch palaces became Fire Ring‘s Great Towers. Fans praised Sometime Tomorrow Studio’s Super Mario World Lands Between, titled “Super Elden Ring.”

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Elden Ring and Super Mario have more in common than you might think

Promo image for the Elden Ring DLC ​​featuring a character in ornate armor carrying a banner

Some stated that they would not be against one Super Mario-inspired map mod for FromSoftware’s title, and that it might even make exploration a little easier. While a recent Super Mario fan game starring Chris Pratt is the closest the franchise has come to realism in games, compared Twitter users Fire Ring to the infamous hacked Kaizo Mario levels. These fans suggested that a Fire Ring next version of a Kaizo map. The connection is not far-fetched, especially since both Kaizo and Fire Ring is best known for its difficulties.

The Lands Between in the reimagined SNES map seems much smaller and more simplistic compared to the original Fire Ring map. The open world of FromSoftware’s RPG is famously vast, with each area of ​​the vast Lands Between revealing a vast array of secrets as the player explores it. With that said, Fire Ring continues to grow, with the recently released Elden Ring Coliseum DLC update is rumored to be the first of many expansions. Although Lands Between is already large and complex, further DLC expansions could make the game even more massive.

Fire Ringthe complexity, difficulty, and rich lore, which began long before the introduction of the Erdtree and the player’s appearance as the Tarnished, has led to it will become one of the most successful Soulslike games. Ultimately, this has led to FromSoftware’s Fire Ring earning several awards at the TGA, notably the title of 2022’s Game of the Year. While Soulsborne games have always been popular, Fire Ring has gone beyond in terms of popularity. It’s no wonder the RPG has gained so much respect, especially with the GOTY winner Fire Ringdirector works together with GRRM.

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Source: Sometime Tomorrow Studio/Instagram (via Thrillhouse Gaming/Twitter)

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    Elden Ring is the next big game released by From Software, the creators of games like Armored Core, Dark Souls and Bloodborne. Players assume the role of a Tarnished, a being that was once exiled to the Lands Between and has returned to repair the Elden Ring after the events of “The Shattering”. “The Shattering” occurred when the offspring of Queen Marika fought to claim the shards of the Elden Ring, known as great runes. Their war has brought lawlessness, destruction and chaos to the land and the player will challenge them with the help of a maiden known as Melina as they journey towards the great Erd Tree to meet their destiny and become the one true Elden Lord. Players can tackle the game however they choose and can experience across worlds as they build their character however they want – whether it’s a powerful magic caster or a brutal swordsman – they’ll be in full control of their build. Elden Ring is the company’s most successful “Souls” game and is expected to release DLC in the future.

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