Elden Ring player dominates invasions with invincibility advantage

Elden Ring player dominates invasions with invincibility advantage

An Elden Ring invader teaches overzealous hosts that it’s never a good idea to attack anyone summoned, especially a dual-wielding Greatswords.

An Fire Ring Invader has collected a few tragic examples of hosts unaware that their attacks will not be recorded, and helplessly attempt to circumvent the invincibility granted to those who enter another world. Fire Ring PvP is very similar to the single player journey, in that the player is told very little information compared to what a traditional multiplayer experience would ensure to provide detail.

Where a more orthodox online game might offer tutorials for certain mechanics or design decisions, FromSoftware is simultaneously famous and infamous for crafting its vision, leaving players absent of a guiding hand much of modern gaming is accustomed to. It has resulted in a community that is seemingly self-sustaining, manifesting a significant marketplace of available content and information that players would have no other way to find out about. The mathematics behind damage scaling, soft/hard caps and the percentage values ​​attributed to various buffs are examples of information that is often only known to those who actively seek it out.


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However, not everyone is necessarily up to date with these facts, as encapsulated in a video uploaded to Reddit by ShabririNuts. It begins with the player rising from a pool of blood on the stairs just before Starscourge Radahn’s desert arena. As the camera pans around, the host approaches from behind, waiting a moment before striking, probably knowing the period of invincibility given to intruders. Known as I-frames in Soulsborne titles, most players will have experienced the phenomenon when you dodge, an action that causes anything considered a hit to fail to connect for a certain length of its associated animation.

I-frames are also used on intruders when they are summoned to another world, otherwise their opponents would be able to end the fight before it even begins. Unfortunately for the filmed host, they don’t wait long enough before attempting to attack with Rivers of Blood Ash Of War, Corpse Arrows. As the first pair of blood-infused slashes flail about, the intruder jumps and, using a strategy affectionately called “Young Bunga” by the community, pounces on the host with two Greatswords, inflicting 1033 damage on them.

Three more displays of utter greed on behalf of the hosts are on display, with the invader never choosing another attack, committed to punishing attempts to overwhelm them with heavy blows from above. The comments agreed that it was likely that at least one of the hosts or folded fingers had no idea that I-frames were present, and went on to assume that hacking was taking place, a frequent accusation leveled against Fire Ring players who make use of gimmicks and seemingly unknown techniques.

Fire Ring is now available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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