Diablo 3 is probably planning its final season before the launch of Diablo 4

Diablo 3 is probably planning its final season before the launch of Diablo 4

Blizzard announces the release and PTR for Diablo 3 Season 28, in what will likely be the game’s final season before Diablo 4 launches in June.

Diablo 3 passes the torch to Diablo 4as Blizzard Entertainment announces what will likely be the game’s final season before the sequel becomes official Diabloits flagship title. Although Diablo 3 had a commercially successful launch, many Diablo fans were upset with the game’s initial direction, particularly regarding the controversial real-money auction house. It wasn’t before Reaper of Souls given it out Diablo 3 finally found its footing, and the seasonal format has kept the game fresh and relevant for several years since.


With Diablo 4 approaching its June 6 release date, many players have found themselves returning to Diablo 3. The current season 27 is titled Light’s Calling, and its defining feature has arguably been the addition of Angelic Crucibles, which allow players to consecrate any legendary item of their choosing. Sanctifying an item rerolls the stats to the best possible combo at the highest possible value, as well as adding unique class-based bonuses that have allowed builds like Fist of the Heavens Crusader to shine even more.

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While it is unknown what Season 28 will entail, Blizzard Entertainment made an announcement on Diabloits official subreddit that the upcoming season will drop on Public Test Realms in late January. With that in mind Diablo 4 launches in June, and that season 27 has launched in August, it is very likely that season 28 will be the finale Diablo 3 season before the release of Diablo 4. While it’s unlikely that Blizzard will have anything special in mind to mark the occasion, it’s highly likely that the theme will be related to the sequel in some way.

If one were to extrapolate Season 28’s Public Test Realm start, and compare it to the previous one Diablo 3 seasons, then it could certainly place the release of season 28 in early March. Players should be able to give feedback to Blizzard Entertainment when it hits the Public Test Realm servers, as Angelic Crucibles had its drop rate doubled by the developers for the launch of Season 27. In addition to Diablo 3Blizzard will also start next time Diablo Immortal season, probably at the beginning of April.

Even though season 27 is steadily winding down, it’s still a great time to come back to Diablo 3 looking forward to the sequel, especially since Diablo 4Its open beta appears to be arriving somewhat later than expected. While not much can be done to fix Diablo 3’s narrative shortcomings, the game has evolved past its initial flaws to become a worthy entry into the franchise that defined the hack-and-slash genre.

Diablo 3 is available on PC, Switch, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

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