Diablo 2 is a strange but perfect inspiration for Haunted Chocolatier

Diablo 2 is a strange but perfect inspiration for Haunted Chocolatier

While Diablo 2 may seem like the opposite of Haunted Chocolatier, it’s actually the perfect inspiration for leveling combat and loot.

Fans of the critically acclaimed farm simulator game Stardew Valley will soon experience a new adventure from developer Eric “ConcernedApe” Barone. The indie game maker has been releasing regular updates for its new life simulator Haunted Chocolatier. This pixilated adventure puts players in the shoes of a chocolatier on a mission to create the best sweets with the help of their ghostly sous chefs. The game seems to be a more atmospheric version of Stardew Valley formula, and play as Diablo 2 has inspired the development.


Oddly enough, Stardew Valley Developer Eric Barone has said in previous interviews that his love of action role-playing hack-and-slash games – especially Diablo 2 – has influenced Haunted Chocolatier’s development. The developer has found inspiration in focusing on leveling the stats and looting it Diablo 2 centers in the gameplay. This might be an odd inspiration for a game involving magical chocolate production in a small town. Still, it’s the perfect creative departure for Haunted Chocolatier to evolve beyond the formula used by Stardew Valley.

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How Diablo 2 could level up Haunted Chocolatier’s combat system

Stardew Valley match

Many Stardew Valley players are well acquainted with the combat mechanics of the game, as it is almost impossible to advance in the mine without hacking and slashing some Stardew Valleytheir strongest enemies, mag magnists and haunted skulls. The combat system in the game is relatively sparse, which makes sense given that the title is a farming simulator heavy on social progression. Granted, players must equip themselves with a weapon and armor that provides varying levels of effectiveness and protection. From there, combat is mostly dodging and slashing enemies, a nice set of mechanics for a farming simulator, but not nearly nuanced enough for a game focused on obtaining ingredients from combat.

The best part about ConcernedApe’s use of Diablo 2 in the development of Haunted Chocolatier is that Eric Barone genuinely enjoys the combat mechanics and uses that personal joy to drive the creative process. While the game got a remake Diablo 2 resurrected, Diablo 2 is over two decades old, although it has been widely praised for its dynamic combat involving varied environments and a compelling story. The game also uses character classes, but has a randomly generated equipment system that focuses on character development and crafting that is unique to Diablo franchise. It would be amazing to see even one of these items used in Haunted Chocolatier.

How the combat mechanics of Diablo 2 may appear in Haunted Chocolatier

Diablo 2 - Duriel, Diablo, Lilith

A more sophisticated loot system will probably find its way in Haunted Chocolatier. One aspect of this could be to give players more equipment options, so that pieces of armor, clothing and accessories can be randomly found and then worn into battle. The game may also increase the variety of materials found in the world, introducing a system of equipment production along with the cooking mechanics that form the basis of Haunted Chocolatierhis fight. This game mechanic would work incredibly well to give players access to different ingredients while fighting without the process being repetitive or predictable.

The most exciting addition to Haunted Chocolatier that can be added to the game is the addition of boss fights. Diablo 2 features legendary bosses, with enemies ranging from Lilith to Hephasto the Armorer keeping the player on their toes while in battle. ConcernedApe has released screenshots of bee-themed battle zones, possibly hinting that boss battles are themed around the ingredients players can gather there. With the arrival of more challenging combat, Haunted Chocolatier could add a spell-casting system. There are player-made mods that have added magic Stardew Valleywhich makes the possibility of varied and dynamic battles a clear option in the upcoming game.

Haunted Chocolatier is currently under development.

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