Devil May Cry 5 passes an impressive sales milestone

Devil May Cry 5 passes an impressive sales milestone

Three years later, it seems Devil May Cry 5‘s popularity has yet to really wane, if recent sales performance is any indication. According to Capcom, the latest entry in its demon-slaying hack-and-slash action series has now surpassed 6 million copies sold. For some context, DMC 5 reached 5 million copies sold in April this year, which means a million more copies have been sold in the last six months alone. Not bad for a three and a half year old game.


When it first debuted in 2019, DMC 5 revitalized a franchise that had been stuck in limbo for a few years. Capcom had tried to take it in a different direction with Ninja Theory’s reboot DMC: Devil May Cry in 2013, to mixed critical and commercial results. DMC 5 would eventually ignore the reboot and go back to the original versions of Dante and friends, and in the process deliver some of the most critically acclaimed hack-and-slash gameplay in years.

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And now the game has reached 6 million copies sold, further cementing its bestseller status DMC game to date. Capcom shared the news, along with new artwork of the game’s cast, in a short Twitter message thanking fans for their support. It has certainly helped it these days Devil May Cry 5 has become quite cheap, as the standard price of the base game has dropped to $30 on all platforms, and sales bring it down to as low as $10 quite often.

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With how short Capcom’s tweet is, the details of the new sales milestone aren’t clear, like how many copies of DMC 5its current gen Special edition contributed to the total, for example. However, what may frustrate fans more is that there is no mention or tease for what may be in store for the series going forward. Granted, it’s the animated one devil may cry series being produced for Netflix, but when it comes to games, it is not yet known what the future holds.

DMC 5 left the door open for Dante, Vergil and Nero’s story to continue, and with the game continuing to perform well financially after nearly four years on the market, it’s fair to assume that Capcom won’t let the series’ renewed popularity wane without making another game . But so far there has not yet been any solid indication that a Devil May Cry 6 is under development. Or at least if Capcom is working with DMC 6it is not yet at a point where it is ready to share it with the world.

That probably won’t be much consolation to longtime fans who have played and replayed Devil May Cry 5 to death now. But for all the newcomers who bought the game in the last year, it should give them plenty of time to enjoy one of the best action games of the last few years before a sequel starts to grab their attention.

Devil May Cry 5 is now available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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