Destiny 2: Security Drone Locations

Destiny 2: Security Drone Locations

Through each year of Fate 2, there are all kinds of collectibles that players can find. Some can simply be picked up while others can only be destroyed by using a special exotic weapon. The first example of this was the Ahamkara Eggs spread across the Dream City that could only be destroyed with the exotic bow, the Wishender.

This trend continued with Darkness Rifts and Parasite with the launch of Witch Queen in February 2022. In Season of the Seraph, Fate 2 players have found security drones all over the place and they can be destroyed with Revision Zero. Here players can find the security drones.


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Security drones in Europe


With the exception of the Heist Battleground activity, there are 10 security drones in Europe. The first is on top of the Ziggurat which is part of the Beyond Light campaign.


The second and third security drones are in the Asterion Abyss. Look for one in a crack up to the north. The next security drone is up on a ledge to the left of the large Vex structure in the middle of the area.


The fourth security drone is inside the Concealed Void Lost Sector which can be found in the caverns beneath the Asterion Abyss. It’s in the room with the lake Radiolaria hidden in a small crack in a wall. Jump around on platforms in the middle of the room and look for the hole where the Security Drone is.


The fifth security drone can be found near the entrance to Camdus Ridge. After entering the area, move to the right and look for a security drone up on the edge of the ice. The sixth security drone is near the entrance to Bray Exo Science in Camdus Ridge. As Fate 2 players reach the entrance, they should look to the left and they will see a security drone floating there.


In Bunker E15 Lost Sector in Eventide Ruins, the seventh security drone is located in a small room located in the area before the boss arena. After leaving Bunker E15, and returning to the Eventide Ruins, look to the left and the 8th Security Drone will be there.


Before leaving the Eventide Ruins, head north from the landing zone and approach the building where the entrance to the Deep Stone Crypt is. Look to the left of the pod-like machines to find the ninth security drone. The tenth and final security drone in the patrol version of Europe can be found at the end of the Perdition Lost Sector in Camdus Ridge. Look to the right of the chest and the security drone will be there.

Security drones on the moon


The first security drone on the moon is located on the southwest corner of Sorrow’s Harbor. Before moving on, head up towards the Scarlet Keep and look up from the entrance to the Pit of Heresy. The other security drone is right below the two phantoms floating there. After claiming both security drones in Sorrow’s Harbor, enter the K1 Revelation Lost Sector under Sorrow’s Harbor. In the area where the Shrieker is, look to the left to see the third security drone partially hidden by a net.


Once all security drones are found in Sorrow’s Harbor, Fate 2 players should go to the Hellmouth. Near the Hive structure that leads underground, the fourth security drone is on the edge of the chasm. From there, head towards the entrance to the K1 Crew Quarters Lost Sector on the other side of the Hellmouth. The fifth security drone is on top of the tower in the middle of the area. From there, enter the K1 Crew Quarters and continue through the Lost Sector. Up on the ledge where Tracer Shanks is, the sixth security drone is right next to them.


Use the landing zone in Sanctuary and go left towards Archer’s Line. The seventh security drone is atop the large rail that spans the entire Archer’s Line. Before leaving Archer’s Line, enter the Lost Sector and go all the way to the end where the boss is. The eighth security drone is up on a platform in this area.


The last two security drones in the patrol area of ​​the Moon can be found in the Anchor of Light. The ninth security drone is up on a tower at the base of a large antenna. The tenth security drone is at the door leading into the wrecked Ketch.

Security drones in Heist Battleground: Europe


There are six security drones in each Heist Battleground. It is recommended Fate 2 players just load the normal, non-playlist version of these activities, as it will be much easier to get the security drones when there are no Champions. After reaching the entrance to Bray Exoscience, turn around to see the first security drone perched atop a ledge.


The second security drone is on a small ledge up near the ceiling to the left of the Cryptolith. In the room beyond the Cryptolith, there is a dead end to the right where the third security drone can be found. Further ahead during a catwalk in the next room, Fate 2 players can find the fourth security drone.


Near the Annihilator Totem where a Deathtongue will run to, look down to the left to see the fifth security drone. From here, proceed into the room where the giant Exo head is. The last security drone is on the right.

Security drones in Heist Battleground: Moon


Right after the start of the mission, look up to the right for the Cryptolith. The first security drone hovers in the air there. Continue through the activity until you reach the slide. The second security drone is in the center of the slide. While it’s possible to shoot it while falling down the chute, it’s easier to just land, turn, and then shoot the security drone.


After getting down to the bottom of the slide, look to the right in the next room. Hidden in this area is the next security drone. Continue going through the mission until you reach a room with a set of stairs and computer terminals on the right. This is where the fourth security drone is. In the room where Fate 2 players must hack a door to proceed, there is the fifth security drone up on the roof by a window. Finally, the sixth security drone is to the right of the Submind Vault.

Security drones in Heist Battleground: Mars


The first security drone is near where this mission starts. Fate 2 players must look to the left between zone B and C. Hidden behind a small wall is the first security drone. Further along at the Annihilator Totem where Deathtongue runs to, the second security drone is hiding behind a cart. Inside BrayTech Futurescape, where players have to hack a door, there is a security drone up by the window.


Further up in the area where players must hide from the towers, there is a small ledge where the fourth security drone can be found. Hit it quickly with Revision Zero and get back into cover. Before going up the series of pipes ahead, look up to see another security drone. Before entering the next area, turn around and get the last security drone on the left side of the roof.

Security drones in operation: Seraph’s Shield


The exotic mission, Operation: Seraph’s Shield has a staggering 12 security drones within it. The tricky part is that to get them, players need at least the security clearance upgrade from Exo Frame. Destiny 2 players will also need the Tactical Armor upgrade, but this can be bypassed by using a sword with the Eager Edge trait. It is unclear whether Eager Edge is meant to bypass damage from lasers or not. The first security drone is in a small room below the entrance to the facility. Jump off the side and move towards the hole in the wall. If players have the security clearance upgrade, they will be able to use the nearby console to create three shootable holograms. If they are shot in the correct order, the door will open and reveal the security drone.


When players work on the second scanner puzzle shortly after boarding the Seraph Station, they will come across a door blocked by lasers. The second security drone is on the other side, directly above the door. In the room with the third scanner puzzle, there is a door that can only be opened with security clearance. Solve the puzzle and enter to get the next security drone.


In the room outside the microwave trap is a Security Drone. It’s under the walkway, so players have to find an angle to shoot at it. After picking up the first Operator Augment, there is a room nearby that requires a security clearance upgrade to open. On the other side is a security drone. As you work your way through the first Operator puzzle, look for a door blocked by lasers. There is another security drone in this room. Before fighting the first boss, look for a small valve that is closed. The door can be opened if players have the security clearance upgrade, and inside is a security drone.


In the room where players fight the first boss, there is a security drone behind a door that can only be opened with security clearance. Once players have completed the space platform section and reenter the station, they must search for a room blocked by lasers. This is where the next security drone is. Before you go in to fight the final boss, look for a door that can only be opened with the security clearance upgrade.


The last two security drones can only be obtained after beating the final boss. Go to the room where the virus is uploaded to the Warsat network. On the left and right side there are two doors that require security clearance and tactical armor respectively. The 49th and 50th security drones are behind these doors.

Fate 2 is now available on the Epic Games Store, PS4, PS5, Steam, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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