Destiny 2 Heist: Battlegrounds Moon Guide – How to complete the season of Seraph’s new activity

Destiny 2 Heist: Battlegrounds Moon Guide – How to complete the season of Seraph’s new activity

Like previous seasons, Destiny 2’s Season of the Seraph features a new activity in the form of Heist Battlegrounds, which forms a central part of the current story. Anyone who’s delved into the Battlegrounds playlist will be familiar with the structure of this mode, which tasks three Guardians with helping restore the Golden Age AI Rasputin by retrieving vital data from key points in the solar system.

Like Season of Plunder’s Expeditions and Season of the Haunted’s Nightmare Containment, this is also designed to be a rewarding experience that will drop a ton of seasonal armor and weapons once the event is over. It has some interesting wrinkles to the Battlegrounds formula, and if you’re interested in seeing how a run against Xivu Arath’s forces differs in comparison, read more below.

It’s worth noting that in the first week of Season 19, Heist Battlegrounds is focused only on obtaining fragments of the Malahayati submind and keeps the action inside the moon. There will be more places to visit as the Season of the Seraph continues, but for now the first week of the current season is sticking to the surface of the moon.

Access the Seraph Bunker

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Once you land, expect some stiff resistance on the moon. It creeps off Xivu Arath’s minions, and in the regular playlist accessed from HELM, you can also expect to tangle with Barrier, Overload, and Unstoppable Champions throughout the mission. Remember, you’ll need to unlock anti-Champion mods through the Season Artifact and equip them to your armor if you want to deal with these dangerous opponents.

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The twist here is that you’ll be stuck between Hive troops and Clovis Bray’s automated turrets, which see everyone as enemies. Once a beam is locked onto you, it will fire within 15 seconds unless you break line of sight. It’s a one-hit deathblow, so you’ll want to make sure you avoid getting caught in the crossfire. With that in mind, clear the area of ​​the Cryptolith hosts. Take out each swarm of Hive around a cryptolite to draw out their boss, defeat the boss and the bunker will be opened for you.

You also need to be wary of the Deathtongue Chorister, as this particular enemy will channel Xivu Arath’s war chant when it reaches a totem, stopping you from using your melee, grenade, and super abilities.

Infiltrating the Seraph Bunker

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Once inside the bunker, it’s mostly a simple game of Scorn pest control. You can ignore the taunts lurking in the corridors if you want, but you’ll have to deal with the enemies lurking in a locked room that require some hacking from your ghost. Defend your ghost, take out waves of taunts, and keep an eye out for a Disruptor enemy that will stop your hacking progress if it gets close to the console your buddy is working on.

Some Scorn captains will also drop items that will speed up the hacking process, so prioritize them to help clear this room faster.

Break the Hive wards

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Your next barrier in your journey towards the submind will be a series of Hive wards located on the bunker door. As an added obstacle, enemy Scorn will appear regularly, and there is a timer that counts down when reinforcements approach. Breaking the Hive runes is thankfully easy, as there will be two refraction cores in the room that can be captured from the taunt guarding them. Send a fireteam member after each, keep your remaining Guardian on guard, and use the laser from the core to destroy the runes when you’re in range. Once that’s done, it’s time for the final part of this activity.

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Defeat the boss

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It’s time for a good old-fashioned boss fight, and in the sub-mind Malahayati you’ll find Once-Phyris, The Exhumed Tether. Once Once-Phyris reaches 50% health, they will put up a shield and you need to focus on taking out Scorn Captains carrying Arc Charges. Take the charge, insert it into the column in the center of the room – similar to the dunking mode in Gambit – and when five of them are inserted, Once-Phyris’ shield will be destroyed by a Warmind laser. Finish off this enemy with concentrated attacks and you’ve cleared the first Heist Battleground.

Don’t forget to open the optional Serpah chest in this room either, which can be unlocked with 500 Seraph Keys.

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