Destiny 2: Heist Battlegrounds Guide

Destiny 2: Heist Battlegrounds Guide

Every season of Fate 2 adds some sort of new activity to the game. Sometimes they are six-player activities like Ketchcrash, while other times they are smaller three-player activities like Expeditions. For Season 19, the new seasonal activity that players must tackle is called Heist Battlegrounds.

In previous seasons, Battlegrounds were essentially Strikes with higher enemy density and no respawn restrictions. Heist Battlegrounds ramps up the intensity even more, so players must stay on their toes as they take on Xivu Arath’s forces in this brand new activity. This guide shows players exactly what to look for when loading into the Heist Battleground playlist.


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How many Heist Battlegrounds are there?


Currently, there are two Heist Battlegrounds available in the playlist. The first takes place on the Moon, and the second takes place on Europa. There is a Heist Battleground on Mars, but it is currently unavailable. While both have different objectives at the start, the second half is always the same set of objectives ending with a boss fight.

Find and infiltrate the Submind Vault


The main objective of a Heist Battleground is to enter the Seraph Bunker and steal the submind before Xivu Arath’s forces can. on the moon, Fate 2 players must simply defeat the Hive outside the bunker. All the while, players must stay out of sight to avoid being seen by the large towers in the distance. When spotted by a tower, players will have 15 seconds to get out of sight. Failure to do so results in instant death.

During the opening of Heist Battleground on Europe, Fate 2 players must get through Bray Exoscience before they can reach the Submind Vault located behind the large Exo head down in Creation. However, the Submind Vault in Heist Battleground on the Moon takes less time to get to, but players must have Ghost hack a door to reach it.


Right before you arrive at the Submind Vault, Fate 2 players will encounter fields with lasers. Some will turn off and then turn on again while others stay on. Players must either wait for the lasers to turn off or carefully navigate around them if possible to avoid being killed instantly. Later in the season, players will be able to pick up Exo Frame upgrades that reduce damage from these hazards.

When you do Heist Battlegrounds in the playlist, Fate 2 players should make sure to equip Champion Mods to their gear. Throughout each objective, players will encounter both unstoppable and barrier champions. Without Champion mods equipped, these enemies are extremely difficult, if not impossible, to take down. Aside from today’s seasonal mods, there are exotic weapons that have Champion mods built into them. So players have options for what to use in the loadout.

Deathtongue Choristers


During each Heist Battleground, Fate 2 players will eventually come across an Acolyte with a staggering amount of health called the Deathtongue Chorister. This acolyte will move towards a nearby totem that looks like the ones in King’s Fall and will start singing a song that suppresses abilities. Players will want to find and kill these Deathtongue choruses as quickly as possible. Since they have a lot of health, the best way to deal with them is by having the whole team unload heavy weapons and Supers.

Break the Submind Vault Security Door


For Fate 2 players can fight the boss at the end of the Heist Battleground, they have to break the locks placed on the door. To the left and right of the doorway are two areas where players can pick up an item called the PDT Refraction Core. These items can be used to destroy the five Hive runes that keep the door locked. While two players grab the PDT Refraction Cores, one player should stay by the door to deal with adds (extra enemies) as they spawn.

Defeat the boss


Once on the other side of the door, players must fight a boss. The mechanics are the same for every Heist Battleground activity, regardless of whether it is on the moon or on Europa. When the boss reaches 50% health, they will gain a shield and become immune. To break the shield, Fate 2 players must retrieve charges from enemies marked on their HUD and insert them into the device in the middle of the room.

When the shield is down, players can continue to damage the boss while also dealing with the stream of constant spawns. After the boss dies, be sure to loot the Seraph chest at the end by opening it with Seraph key codes to get as much loot as possible from this activity.

Fate 2 is now available on the Epic Games Store, PS4, PS5, Steam, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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