Desperate, attention-seeking, fourth-rate hack begs Celtic fans to “hit it.”

Desperate, attention-seeking, fourth-rate hack begs Celtic fans to “hit it.”

Fresh from Tom English having his little squealing fit the other day against Celtic fans on Twitter, another broadcaster – if you can call him that – had a go at us yesterday by resorting to the schoolyard equivalent of discussion, asking Celtic fans about “holding it” and even attempting to end the debate with the goon’s favorite line “End of.”

Actually, it’s not the “end of” anything, except perhaps the last remaining sliver of this joker’s attempt to relaunch his “media career”.

And no, I have no intention of naming him because he loves it when it happens and he has a bit of a fan club across town, which is fitting since his IQ is about their level. All he did yesterday was stomp his feet for attention and make another pathetic effort at trolling. Because that’s all this guy really is, a big weaner throwing a tantrum.

Look, I find there’s limited value in pretending we’re actually having some kind of meaningful discussion here with people like this. It’s like the guy Frank who dismantled Andy Walker the other day; he had a very clear point, which this blog and others have made in the past and reiterated again in recent days, that the service needs to be reformed.

But these people would rather not discuss this at all, and so they insult us and attack us instead, even though the root of all this is a very simple argument; Referee work in Scotland must be shaken up and new rules introduced.

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There is a debate here. It’s a serious point and a serious national discussion about what’s in the best interests of the game … and there are people in the media that we should try to involve in that discussion, and since this is going to be a much bigger point, will break out from it and cover it in more detail later.

But we are wasting our time trying to discuss this with people like this, the “shock jocks” and attention hoarders.

They are not interested in promoting any kind of serious discussion about any aspect or element of the sport itself. The greater good of Scottish football doesn’t concern them in the slightest, and even if it did, people like this are far too blinded by their own bitterness and hatred of our club to even take that responsibility seriously.

This particular idiot is known for it. He attacks our club at every opportunity, no matter how unbalanced or unhinged he sounds. He belongs to the specific class that I have no problem calling professional Celtic haters.

That’s not his official job title—I don’t even know if he has an official job title, which has been the violent crash to earth of his mainstream career—but it’s just who he is.

When English asked us to shut it down the other day, I was pissed because he is a media professional who works in the BBC. All this guy did today was remind me that he exists at all, and now that I’ve written this I will very quickly forget about it again.

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