Deathverse: Let It Die Pauses Play For Redevelopment This Summer

Deathverse: Let It Die Pauses Play For Redevelopment This Summer

It’s been less than a year since the quirky Battle Royale Slasher Deathverse: Let It Die was released, but developer Supertrick Games has announced that it is temporarily shutting down the game next year to “redevelop” it. It seems that the problems cannot be fixed with a few updates or patches.

On the official Deathverse website, Supertrick and publisher GungHo explain that they have “experienced some challenges” since launching the game last year, including “in-game matchmaking and teams”. The developer says it has tried several solutions with varying degrees of success, but that the “underlying issues” have not been resolved.

As a result, Supertrick says it will “temporarily suspend” Deathverse: Let It Die to rebuild the game. The studio says it doesn’t know if this is definitively the right choice to make, but says it’s safe that re-release Deathverse with “significant improvements” will increase its potential audience and help existing players enjoy it more.

A character swiping at another character with a melee weapon in Deathverse: Let It Die
Looks like Deathverse: Let It DieThe battle royale games will disappear for a while next year.

As for exact times, Deathverse: Let It Die is scheduled to pause services indefinitely on July 18 at 19.00 Pacific Ocean. You will no longer be able to purchase the Death Metal resource starting February 7th, but you will still be able to use any Death Metal you have already purchased right up until the game’s service is suspended.

Season 2 content will be released as intended Deathverse: Let It Die, but Supertrick and GungHo say that Season 3 content “will only be partially released”. We’re not sure exactly what that means yet, so if you’re a fan of the game, be sure to keep your ear to the ground for more information on that.

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Over on Steam, Deathverse: Let It Die currently sits on a “mixed” rating. Players point to poorly balanced gameplay, connectivity issues, and matchmaking as some of the biggest flaws with the game, which fits with what Supertrick says it’s trying to fix in the rework.

It’s quite rare for games to directly pause development for issues like this to be resolved. Sometimes developers will stop adding new content to a game to prioritize working on current issues, as was the case with Fall of Babylon, but even the game’s service remained active during that time. Let’s hope Deathverse doesn’t meet the same fate as Square Enix’s ill-fated hack and slasher did.

You can play Deathverse: Let It Die free right now on PC and PlayStation consoles.

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