Dead shows stylish combat in the latest trailer

Dead shows stylish combat in the latest trailer

Wanted: Dead has released a gameplay trailer showcasing Ninja Gaiden-style cyberpunk combat with brutal swordplay and gunplay.

Upcoming third-person hack-n-slash game Wanted: Dead has released a trailer that showcases many of the details surrounding combat, progression, and game mechanics. The trailer highlights how players must use a variety of melee and ranged weapon combinations along with skillful movement and dodging to overcome Wanted: Deadits challenging action game.

Soleil Game Studios Wanted: Dead was first announced back in 2021 and looks set to be a solid entry for fans of difficult action games that require mastery from players to survive each mission. The game is worked on by veterans from Ninja Gaiden and Dead or alivetwo major heavyweights in the melee genre, and are most accurately described as a cyberpunk Ninja Gaiden. Players take on the role of Hannah Stone, a member of Hong Kong’s Zombie Unit police force, as Hannah works her way through mercenaries and private military contractors to uncover a corporate conspiracy in typical cyberpunk fashion.


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A new gameplay trailer for Wanted: Dead gives a closer look at the game’s systems, and shows the various tools players will have at their disposal to overcome the challenges. Wanted: Dead’s combat is a mix between hack-n-slash melee and third-person shooting, and players will often switch between the two during combos. Hannah has access to a customizable rifle, pistol and sword, while other secondary weapons can be looted from enemies. Despite the third-person shooting, Wanted: Dead is not a typical cover shooter. Players must move quickly using different mechanics such as slides, jumping, blocking and countering to avoid and defeat enemies.

The trailer also showcases a few of them Wanted: Deadits various brutal finishing moves, of which there are over 50 to discover. These finishing moves are visceral and violent, making each kill a satisfying gory spectacle of severed limbs and warped mercs. The game features RPG-style skill trees that allow players to specialize and improve their playstyles by spending skill points on perks in attack, defense, and utility categories. Some of these can unlock new ways to finish off enemies, while others can improve things like reload speed or sword damage.

Wanted: Dead looks set to be a worthy contender in a year stacked with big upcoming releases for PS5, Xbox and PC. In the meantime, players should take a look Valkyrie Elysium and Naruto to Boruto: The Shinobi Spear for some examples of developer Soleil’s previous action games.

Wanted: Dead launches on February 14 for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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