Cyberpunk 2077 saddest death

Cyberpunk 2077 saddest death

Death is an integral part of the story Cyberpunk 2077. Not only does it follow V’s path, but it is tied to their fate. The chip inside V’s head is slowly killing them, ensuring their fate is a death sentence. However, V meets many characters in Cyberpunk 2077and some have a sad fate.

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It’s always a shame when characters that fans like die, but no one can live forever, especially not in Night City. The saddest deaths in Cyberpunk 2077 are all those who serve a purpose, building V’s character further, even in the worst of times.


9/9 Jackie Welles

In the prologue to Cyberpunk 2077, players learn about the friendship that begins between V and Jackie Welles. The two had been through thick and thin and wanted nothing more than to become Night City Legends and take it easy in the Afterlife. They dream big together as best friends, and that friendship is felt with every scene they are in.

Unfortunately, after a robbery, Jackie Welles bleeds to death after taking a fake bullet. V sits in the car with the body of his best friend, whose last act is to give V the chip that he died for. It is a gutless death, and a void that is never filled all the way Cyberpunk 2077like a good friend is dead and he’s not coming back.

8/9 Saul

After forming an alliance and strong friendship with Aldecaldos, the two leaders, Saul and Panam declare that they would do anything for V. Even something as wild and dangerous as breaking into Arasaka’s headquarters. Saul is fearless and sticks to his promise to help V until the end. It was in the hands of Adam Smasher.

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Saul has his head crushed under Adam Smasher’s robot foot. It’s a cruel end to a character who wanted V to live. It’s horrifying to hear Panam’s desperate screams, but there’s no time to mourn, as Adam Smasher must die here and now.

7/9 Scorpion

When V seeks help from Panam, they first have to say hello to her closest Aldecaldo pals, Mitch and Scorpion. These two immediately present themselves as friendly and like family to Panam. They make V feel welcome into the Nomad clan. The two also share a rich history as war veterans.

Unfortunately, the two will help anyone in need, even a crashed Kang Tao vehicle, which sees Scorpion killed by the soldiers inside. The Aldecaldos mourn Scorpion and V feels responsible because of their desire to crash the Kang Tao ship.

6/9 Johnny Silverhand

Rocker boy and Night City Legend Johnny Silverhand has a war against the forces of entropy. He hates all companies, but especially Arasaka. Johnny is killed by Arasaka after they victimized him with the Soulkiller program, which essentially emptied his consciousness into a digital prison, leaving his body as an empty shell.

Johnny Silverhand can always seem so narcissistic and cool, but when he discovers that his body was just dumped in an oil field and left to rot, he can’t help but feel emotional. It’s strange yet powerful to see Johnny Silverhand in such a sensitive state, and V can’t help but comfort him as he grieves for himself, where no one else would.

5/9 Everything Cunningham

As the best web runner in Night City, Alt Cunningham was a powerful woman in Night City. Not only was she Johnny Silverhand’s girlfriend, but she also developed the infamous Soulkiller program that eventually killed Silverhand. After being kidnapped by Arasaka, Johnny Silverhand killed many at Arasaka in a last ditch effort to get her back.

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Unfortunately, her consciousness goes into the web, leaving her body empty and dead. Johnny Silverhand disconnected her physical body while she was connected to the web, and thus her consciousness manifested into a powerful AI outside of Blackwall. Seeing Johnny mourn is sad, and shows anger issues.

4/9 River Ward

There’s a lot in River Ward’s quest line Cyberpunk 2077, and many heavy subjects involved in the NCPD missions. As V and River follow the trail of serial killer Peter Pan, they discover the very farm he uses to kidnap vulnerable young boys. Since the player has the freedom to do whatever they want, they can leave River at this point.

If players take too long or refuse to bring River to the farm, players will find River’s dead body after it was blown up by a mine. Even Johnny comments that V left him there to die. It’s sad and makes another sacrifice in Night City for a detective who only wanted to save children and his nephew.

3/9 Rogue Amendiares

There are a few things that Rogue Amendiares hates. She is the queen of the afterlife and the best fixer in Night City. But despite her power and sources of information, one thing she hates above all else is Adam Smasher. She despises Adam Smasher, especially since he is the cause of Johnny Silverhand’s death.

When V comes to Rogue with a proposal to attack Arasaka one last time and take down Adam Smasher once and for all, she can’t help but oblige. But when she meets Smasher, she gets caught by him and blows herself up to take him out. Considering what she meant to Night City, and Johnny Silverhand, her death is a real shame.

2/9 Evelyn Parker

The events in Cyberpunk 2077 everything unfolds because of Evelyn Parker’s greed. She connects with Dexter DeShawn to work on a heist to steal the relic from Yorinobu Arasaka. When the heist goes south, V tries to find Evelyn Parker to find out who set her up and what else she knows about the relic. However, V discovers that Evelyn has had a fate worse than he thought when they find her in a secret location for the Scavs.

These scavs have forced Evelyn to do unspeakable and horrific acts to XBDs, as well as having her head warped and hacked by the Voodoo Boys. For weeks, Evelyn Parker was tortured and abused by many different people, and despite being in a safe environment with Judy, she takes her own life due to her inability to overcome the abuse she suffered.

1/9 V

V is literally a dead man walking. After being shot in the head by Dexter DeShawn, V woke up with his brain repairing itself thanks to the biochip in his head, which replaced his mind with Johnny Silverhand’s. Desperate to find a way to cling to life, Vs is about a person who doesn’t want to die, a fateful death sentence that is tragic to witness.

Not only does V die at the beginning of the game, but V can die depending on the endings that the player chooses. Each ending is sad in its own right, but the fact that players are playing as someone who knows they will die within weeks is a tragic and sad outcome, perfect for Cyberpunk 2077.

Cyberpunk 2077 is now available on Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, PS5, PS4, PC and Stadia.

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