Cyberpunk 2077: How to Play as Lucy | Lucy Building Instructions

Cyberpunk 2077: How to Play as Lucy |  Lucy Building Instructions

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The best part of the anime series Cyberpunk Edgerunners right next to the scene of Night City is the cast that the story follows. With many players returning to the 2020s Cyberpunk 2077 after the reception for the series. Since the game is an RPG, it is possible to create a character that has a playstyle similar to the characters in Edgerunners. So, let’s take a look at how to play as Night City’s premiere Netrunner, Lucy. This guide shows you how to build a character and play as Lucy Cyberpunk 2077.

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How to make a Lucy build in Cyberpunk 2077

This guide will be split into three sections, each focusing on a different part of the Lucy build. First, we’ll focus on what Cyberware you need to implant to really feel like you’re playing as the highly skilled Netrunner. Next comes the gear and weapons you can use to really bring the fight as Lucy. Finally, we’ll look at the stats and skills you should invest in to build your character as Edgerunner character.


Lucy’s is often referred to as the best Netrunner in Night City, so there are two primary pieces of Cyberware that we’re going to want to focus on: A good Cyberdeck and her Monowires. Cyberdecks are used by Netrunners to hack into things like cameras, turrets, and even enemy Cyberware. Each one comes with a different number of slots for Quickhacks, abilities you use when hacking an enemy, different amounts of RAM, which is basically a bar that each Quickhack takes a certain amount to use, and a number of buffer slots, which gives you the number inputs you can use when using Break Protocol or Datamine Hack as well as some unique bonuses. Meanwhile, Monowires is a piece of Arms Cyberware

Quite fittingly because of her backstory, Cyberdeck is what you’re going to want Arasaka Cyberdeck MK.4. This Cyberdeck is pre-installed with Quickhacks Distract, Remote Activation, Take Control, Breach Protocol, Steal Data, Overload, Friendly Mode, Assist Mode. It comes with 10 Base RAM, an 8 buffer size and 6 Quickhack slots. You can buy this Cyberdeck from Ripperdoc in the downtown area of ​​the City Center region for 28,000 vortices. You need to be at Street Cred Level 50. When it comes to the best Monowires to use in the build for Lucy, you’re going to want to get the legendary variant of the Monowire, which you can get from either the Wellsprings in Heywood or downtown in Ripperdocs center in 45 Street Cred for 35650 Eddies

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Cyberpunk 2077 Lucy Build

As for any other cyberware you will use, it will be useful for your hacking skills. Some of these items include Tyrosine injector in the circulatory system as well as Ex-disc and or Camillo RAM Manager for the frontal cortex. The Lynx paws can also be a great addition as they allow you to move and run more quietly. Outside of these choices, Lucy doesn’t really have much other Cyberware that is clearly used throughout the series, so you can either leave a lot of your Cyberware slots empty, or you can get a little creative and use what you want to use.

Equipment and weapons

Unfortunately, there are no outfits or clothes that truly capture Lucy’s look from the anime, but some fans on PC have taken it upon themselves to modify her outfit into the game. You can find the link to the Lucy Outfit mod on NexusMods here. When it comes to weapons, Lucy is shown throughout the series to mostly engage in combat via her hacking abilities with the Cyberdeck as well as the Monowire, which we’ve already covered. Of all the firearms in the game, we see Lucy use one New gun as her weapon of choice in the series. This is a very common gun found across Night City. You can purchase the legendary variant of the pistol from the weapons vendor in Rancho Coronado found in the Santo Domingo region at Street Cred Level 37.

Stats and Skills

The four main stats that we will focus on for Lucy are intelligence, body, reflexes and cool. Intelligence is the most important of these four since you’re going to want to unlock as many Daemons and improve Quickhacks as much as possible. That said, make sure you max Intelligence to level 20. I’d also recommend getting Reflexes up to 20 so that the Blades benefits can be used to their full potential as well. The other skills may be a little lower, but I suggest you get them all up to at least level 15.

Looking at the benefits, I’ll list some of the best you can choose within these key skills:


break protocol-

  • Mass Vulnerability – Unlocks the Mass Vulnerability Demon, which reduces the physical resistance of all enemies in the network by 30% for 3/6 minutes (No Intelligence Level Requirement)
  • Almost in!- Increases the breach time of the breach protocol by 20% / 40% (requires intelligence level 5)
  • Mass Vulnerability: Resistance – Upgrades the Mass Vulnerability demon, reducing all resistance for enemies in the network by 30% (requires Intelligence level 7)
  • Total Recall- The ICEpick daemon reduces all Quickhack costs by an additional 1 RAM unit(s) (requires Intelligence level 11)
  • Turret Tamer- Unlocks the Turret Tamer daemon, which sets the status of every turret in the network to friendly for 3/6 minutes (requires Intelligence level 12)
  • Mass Vulnerability: Quickhacks – Upgrades the Mass Vulnerability Daemon, causing enemies in the network to take 30% more damage from Quickhacks (requires Intelligence level 16)
  • Totals Recall- The ICEpick daemon reduces all Quickhack costs by an additional 1 RAM unit(s) (requires Intelligence level 16)
  • Head Start – Automatically loads the first Daemon in the list at the start of the Breach Protocol (requires Intelligence level 18)
  • Transmigration – Increases the rupture time of the rupture protocol by 50%. +5% per fringe level (requires intelligence and breach protocol level 20)
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  • Bloodware – Quickhacks deal 10% / 20% / 30% more damage (no intelligence level requirement)
  • I SPY- Reveals an enemy Netrunner when they try to hack you (requires Intelligence level 5)
  • Forget-Me-Not Eliminating a target affected by a Quickhack instantly restores 1 RAM Unit(s) (requires Intelligence Level 5)
  • Daisy Chain- Eliminating a target affected by a Quickhack reduces the existing cooldown of all other active Quickhacks by 10% / 35% / 50% (requires Intelligence level 7)
  • Signal Support – Increases Quickhacks duration by 25% / 50% (requires Intelligence level 9)
  • Subliminal Message – Quickhacks deal 25% / 50% more damage to unaware targets (requires Intelligence level 11)
  • Critical Error – Quickhacks can now deal Crit hits based on Crit Chance and Crit Damage stats (requires Intelligence level 16)
  • Master RAM Liberator- Increases RAM recovery rate by 50%. +1 per perk level (requires Intelligence and Quickhack’s level 20)



  • Desperado- Increases damage with pistols and revolvers by 3% / 6% / 10% (Requires Reflex Level 5)
  • Steady Hand – Reduces pistol and revolver recoil by 30% (requires reflex level 9)
  • A Fistful of Eurodollars- Increases Crit Damage with Pistols and Revolvers by 10% / 20% (Requires Reflex Level 11)
  • Wild West – Removes the damage penalty from pistols and revolvers when firing from a distance (requires reflex level 14)
  • The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly- After a successful Crit Hit with a pistol or revolver, increases damage and armor by 30% for 5 seconds. +1% per fringe level (requires reflexes and handgun level 20)


  • Roaring Waters- Strong attacks with Blades deal 30% / 40% / 50% more damage (no reflex level requirement)
  • Crimson Dance- Combos with Blades have a 15% / 30% chance to inflict bleed (requires Reflexes level 4)
  • Blessed Blade- Increases Crit Chance with Blades by 20% (Requires Reflexes Level 10)
  • Float Like a Butterfly – Dodge increases blade damage by 25% / 50% for 5 seconds (requires Reflex level 12)
  • Judge, Jury and Executioner – Increases blade damage by 50% / 75% / 100% against enemies at maximum health (requires Reflex level 15)
  • Deathbolt- While wielding a blade, defeating an enemy restores 20% health and increases movement speed by 30% for 5 seconds (requires Reflex level 18)
  • Dragon Strike- Increases Crit Damage with Blades by 25%. +1% per fringe level (requires reflexes and blade level 20)



  • Invincible- Increase max health by 10% / 20% / 30% (requires body level 5)
  • Soft on Feet – Reduces fall damage by 5% / 10% / 20% (requires body level 7)
  • Steel and Chrome – Increases melee damage by 10% / 20% (requires body level 9)
  • Cardio Cure- Health regenerates 25% faster while moving (requires body level 12)
  • Dog of War – Increases health in battle by 15% / 20% (requires body level 16)
  • Wolverine- Health regen activates 50% / 90% faster during battle (requires body level 16)
  • Indestructible – Reduces all incoming damage by 10% (requires body level 20)
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  • Crouching Tiger- Increases movement speed while sneaking by 20% (no cooldown required)
  • Hidden Dragon- Allows you to perform non-lethal aerial takedowns on unwitting targets (Requires Cool Level 5)
  • Leg Up- Movement speed after a successful takedown is increased by 30% for 10 seconds (Requires Cool Level 7)
  • Assassin- Deal 15% more damage to human enemies (requires cool level 7)
  • Detection time is increased by 20% / 40% (requires cooldown level 12)
  • Restorative Shadows- While in stealth, increases Health regen by 25% (Requires Cool Level 16)
  • Cheat Death- When your health drops below 50%, reduce all incoming damage by 50% for 10 sec. Cannot occur more than once per minute (requires cooldown level 18)

cold blooded

  • Cold Blood- After defeating an enemy, gain Cold Blood for 10 seconds. and increase movement speed by 2%. Stacks up to 1/2/3 time(s) (no cooldown level requirement)
  • Frosty Synapses- Reduces Quickhack cooldown by 3% / 6% per stack of Cold Blood (requires cooldown level 7)
  • Critical Condition – Increases cold blood duration by 5/10 seconds (Requires cooldown level 7)
  • Blood Brawl- While Cold Blood is active, increases melee weapon damage by 5% / 10% (Requires Cool Level 12)
  • Predator- Increases attack speed by 10% / 30% per stack of Cold Bood (Requires Cool Level 12)
  • Pain is an Illusion – While Cold Blood is active, reduces damage taken by 5% (requires cooldown level 18)

These are the perks that I would definitely say are good for your Lucy build, but don’t feel like you are locked into only using these perks. Explore the extensive perk library and feel free to add some to your setup.

Cyberpunk 2077 Lucy Build

Once everything is done, you can now start playing Cyberpunk 2077 like Lucy. Good luck, Edgerunners!

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