Create your own messaging app in 5 easy steps

Create your own messaging app in 5 easy steps

This comprehensive messaging app development guide will be helpful if you’re in the middle of a chat app project or just starting to map out the project. As the industry’s premier provider of messaging app development services, we’ve compiled a comprehensive overview, including competitive analysis, chat features, technical requirements, and development procedures.

Mobile app development requires an original idea, technical knowledge, time and, most importantly, a compelling purpose.

We have compiled a list of three crucial factors that will inspire you to create messaging app development solutions;

Maximize consumer exposure and positive perceptions of your brand

Create conversations aimed at your company’s specific goals

Increase the effectiveness and efficiency of user interactions.

Whether you are

✓ want to build an app to supplement your website,

✓ expand the reach of the business, or

✓ simply believe you have an excellent idea for a new app,

this blog will walk you through every stage of the app creation process. From conceptualizing your app’s purpose to keeping it up-to-date and running smoothly, we’ve got you covered.

Create your own messaging app in these 5 steps

1- Research your target market and get a thorough understanding of the goals and opportunities

The first step is to figure out who you want to reach. Find your primary competitors and learn their competitive advantages. To compete with a dominant messaging app development service, you need to know how users spend their time on the platform and what they use it for.

You also need to understand what you want to achieve with the messaging app development solutions. The app’s development must be driven by the problems the end users have. Create user personas that describe the target audience for your product and their wants, desires and concerns.

Establish the benchmarks for your performance.

2 – Determine which features are most important to include in the Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

When you decide which functions your Minimum Viable Product must have, it is important to include the associated development costs. The option will also be affected by the monetization method you choose to use.

Other features you should consider while developing messaging apps are;

User Experience – User experience (UX) refers to the interaction between a product and its end users. What makes a user’s journey memorable and enjoyable is known as “user experience”. It includes how quickly an app loads, how complex the architecture is, how long the content is, and how long it takes to complete a given task or retrieve a particular piece of information. It will affect their impression of your company. Remember that people view your app on mobile devices with relatively small screens.

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Wireframes- Drawing up your app’s wireframes can help you pinpoint the most critical aspects of the user interface before diving into the details like colors, fonts, and icons. Getting your app’s most important features where they belong and easily accessible to users is much easier if you start with the Minimum Viable Product (MVP). In addition, it is much faster to change the interface sketch when working with wireframes than when using a ready-made mockup.

(UI) User Interface – The success of an app depends heavily on the quality of the user interface (UI) designed for it. The user interface of a mobile app is the collection of visual elements that appear on a touch screen and dictate how the application should be used. Among these are menus, icons, shortcuts, feedback elements (noise, light and text), colors and fonts. The app’s user interface must be as simple and consistent as possible for the benefit of the user.

3-click rule – To create a popular app, developers should adhere to the “three-click rule”, which states that users should make the minimum effort necessary to complete three tasks within the app. On the other hand, consumers are less likely to connect and use an app because of its complexity. Don’t take it too precisely; instead, use it as a general guideline for designing the flow of your program.

‍3- Choose monetization strategy for the messaging app solution-

The money made from selling your product is the ultimate barometer of success. Many messaging apps are freely available, but they can still generate revenue through clever monetization tactics.

Among the most popular choices are:

Online payments

More instant messaging app development services including shopping options. In addition to Secretum, another messenger dealing with cryptocurrency is Telegram, which, if not for a lawsuit from the SEC, would have dropped its blockchain platform and crypto-coins and become a full-fledged payment system.


With this method of monetization, millions of users can be reached daily by thousands of advertisers. Snapchat mostly makes money through ads that appear in the app itself.

One method is to create advertisements (such as banners or links in the text) and profit from users clicking on them. Allow users to create and publish their ads and collect payment for doing so.

You can experiment with ads in your mobile app’s minimum viable product if you think they will fit into your overall business strategy. Carefully consider the ads you choose to use. The key to monetizing ads in a messaging app solution is to keep them to a minimum without disrupting the user experience. Give people a choice to disable ads if you’re worried about them getting frustrated.

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Purchase in the app

Monetize by offering personalization features like wallpapers, themes, filters, games and more. Products must appeal to the target demographic in order to be purchased.

Stickers are a popular way chat apps monetize in real time. Since 2011, LINE has provided its users with various stickers, including static, animated, sound, and pop-up options. To hook new users, some stickers are offered for free, while others are sold in packs for a reasonable fee. Sticker creation and monetization was made possible on LINE in 2014. As of 2016, sticker sales brought in approximately $270 million annually for the company.

You can play games on LINE and other messengers without leaving the conversation.

Selling things, experiences and in-game currencies brings in the dough.


Previously, after a year of free use, WhatsApp cost 99 cents per year, but the company has abandoned this pricing strategy. It will be difficult for a newly introduced paid software to compete with the market’s free heavy hitters. But when your user base grows big enough and becomes devoted to your messenger, you can start charging a monthly or yearly subscription price. For a price, users can unlock premium content, remove ads, or get a leg up on the competition in the app world.

To facilitate communication between businesses and their customers, certain messaging platforms offer paid official accounts. WhatsApp uses this approach for Business. Profiles that small businesses create with valuable information and answers to customer inquiries are made possible. As long as you respond within 24 hours, your response is free. Then a fixed price is added per delayed message sent over WhatsApp.‍

4- Select the correct medium to start the chat program.

Due to both time and money constraints, developers typically settle on just one or two platforms for their app’s initial release. If you want to reach people all over the world or in developing countries, the best option is to create a chat app for Android. Apple’s ecosystem might be the way to go if you can’t find a better alternative.

Keep in mind that developing a messaging app for Android will be cheaper and more time efficient (but not always).

5- Get your app designed, developed and tested by an expert Messaging app development company

The product’s visual presentation will only get one chance to make an impression on customers. Messenger and WhatsApp show that a basic approach to UX/UI is optimal for chat apps. The layout must be simple and easy to understand. Consumers must have an icon for the app on their home screen. Enlist the services of experienced designers who are up-to-date on app design trends and knowledgeable about the many different messaging applications currently available.

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Working with a development company that handles UI/UX design is ideal. When everyone is in the same place, the project can progress faster and with fewer expenses.

There must be thorough testing of the product’s use and aesthetics. Repeat the development cycle until all errors are eliminated.

Along with the messaging app development process, you should plan its marketing, including pre-launch app marketing, app store optimization, and other user engagement and acquisition methods. Get notified about the app before it hits the market.

Track analytics data and user actions to determine which app features are most popular. You’ll quickly find out what works, what doesn’t, and how to differentiate your product.

Over time, you’ll work to eliminate issues, improve the app, add new features, and expand operations. The creation of web and other OS variants should begin at the same time.

Key Takeaway-

Messaging app solutions must be intuitive and easy to use. Users should be able to quickly and easily observe all the conversations taking place in their accounts. Having that capability is essential for any messaging app development service.

They also need to be easy to use, which means having well-defined tabs and fields that are appropriately labeled, as well as a simple, clear layout.

Always remember that you need both technical and marketing knowledge to create an app.

Consagous Technologies, a leading messaging application development company, is here to help you complete your project and create the apps you need for business and organizational use.

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