Contentsquare improves its Find & Fix solution

Contentsquare improves its Find & Fix solution

Contentsquare, the global leader in digital experience analytics, today announced that it has enhanced its Find & Fix solution with automated real-time alerting, monitoring and analytics.

Launched in September this year, Contentsquare’s Digital Experience Monitoring (DEM) feature – which combines Speed ​​Analysis Synthetic and Real User Monitoring (RUM) – is already giving teams the insights they need to optimize load times and speed up the customer journey. Enhancing DEM with real-time error analysis will allow teams to further accelerate the resolution of customer issues and avoid avoidable revenue loss.

With the holiday season a “make or break” time for many businesses, the ability to eliminate customer frustration and barriers to conversion as they arise is a critical component of a winning strategy. In an increasingly competitive landscape, no business can afford to lose customers who are in the process of converting to slow load times, technical errors or a poor user experience. Contentsquare’s real-time alerting and monitoring flags error spikes as they occur, allowing teams to visualize the issue in Session Replay, fix it, and monitor the impact of optimizations.

According to Contentsquare’s analysis of 2.6 billion user sessions on retail websites, +48% more customers reached the shopping cart page during the Black Friday weekend, with conversion rates increasing by +78% across retail websites. At the same time, the analysis observed a +21% increase in the number of failed browsing sessions during the peak season, highlighting the need for businesses to take quick action to avoid frustrating high-intent customers.

“Find & Fix Real Time Workspace dashboards have been instrumental in enabling us to monitor site performance and errors during key holiday periods,” said Krish Karmohan, director of software development at Verizon. “We’ve used these to identify and quickly resolve a number of errors that would otherwise have impacted thousands of user sessions, creating a seamless website experience that our users love.”

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Given the complexity of today’s websites and apps—further complicated by an infinite variety of browsers, devices, and user behaviors—DevOps teams often struggle to maintain fast Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and minimize MTTR (Mean Time to Resolution) of issues. Meanwhile, the time-consuming resolution of reported and yet-to-be-discovered issues prevents product, DevOps, and website/app engineering teams from generating new ideas for increased revenue.

“The Find and Fix tool is super important to us because we work with a global digital team that owns and operates our e-commerce platform. The tool gives us a good insight under the hood of what they are doing and helps us prioritize what is most important, said Rick Hoving, Senior eCommerce Manager, ASICS.

“The current economic outlook has redefined business resilience and industry leadership, and the brands that are thriving today are those that understand and know how to maximize the opportunity for customer experience,” said Alan Webber, Program Vice President (Global CX), IDC. “Getting rid of friction and meeting and exceeding customer expectations is key to driving digital growth and customer retention.”

Today, more than 1,000 enterprise customers rely on Contentsquare for Digital Experience Monitoring use cases that help them:

  • Understand the revenue impact of slow speeds, technical errors and user experience issues
  • Take quick action on this insight across the business in a way that is prioritized by revenue impact
  • Build Digital trust with their customers, give them the experiences they deserve and increase their lifetime value.

Contentsquare continues to work hand-in-hand with its customers to help innovate new features and capabilities that continually deliver increasing value to businesses. Last month, Contentsquare released new AI-powered features to help teams fix user frustration at scale.

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