Conline Games |Cyber ​​crime needs technical experts to crack

Conline Games |Cyber ​​crime needs technical experts to crack

Mumbai Police cyber crime statistics have revealed that they have registered 3,960 cases of cyber crime this year between January and October, out of which 243 cases were detected and 395 people have been arrested in these cases. In the same period last year, 2,369 cases were registered, of which 356 cases were discovered and 657 people were arrested in cases of cybercrime. Most cases of cybercrime recorded this year were related to online fraud (1,817), followed by bank card fraud (1,138) and obscene email matters (321).

Analysis of online fraud cases which have been classified into eight components has revealed that most of them are fraud related to online purchases (172), followed by loan fraud (102), job fraud (92), customs gift fraud (67). , fake websites (48), investment scams (28), marriage scams (28), cryptocurrency scams (19), insurance and pension fund scams (16) and admissions scams (5).

Further analysis has revealed that 126 cases of fake social media profiles / morphing emails / SMS were recorded this year, followed by sextortion (68), hacking (53), phishing / man-in-the-middle attacks / spoofing -mail (32), pornography (23), data theft (15), tampering with source code (7). There had been zero detection in cases of tampering with the source code, the statistics have revealed.

– Cases about cybercrime are complicated and technical. It requires experts to analyze the data and do forensic examinations. Many international companies sometimes do not provide data. Criminals use anonymization techniques and VPNs that make investigations more difficult. Extra efforts are being made to detect more cases of cyber crime, said DCP Cyber, Balsing Rajput.

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“Firstly, the number of FIRs registered is low. Many more cases need to be registered considering the number of complaints. Motivation in cybercrime investigation is needed to improve detection. We need a cyber cadre who should have policemen with computer science or engineering background, who should be transferred to cyber police stations so that they continue to handle cyber crime cases,” says cyber crime lawyer Dr Prashant Mali.

“Cybercriminals operate from remote areas and also have the support of local people. The police have had to travel long distances time and again to catch them which is difficult. Bank KYC is also not effective as of now. The banking sector should not only focus on increase the targets of getting more accounts opened There should be awareness among citizens about the advantages and disadvantages of remote access apps, said Dr Mali.

“As there is an increase in the use of online services and payments, the use of mobile phones has increased exponentially and therefore there is an increase in cases of cybercrime. The Mumbai police are also very proactive in registering cyber crime cases. Police are also allowing people to lodge their complaints online through the portal and also helping people to recover money through the 1930 helpline, said DCP Rajput.

Cases on cybercrime from January to October 2022
3960 – Number of cybercrime cases registered
243 – Number of cases detected
395 – No persons arrested
Cases about cybercrime from January to October 2021
2369 – Number of cybercrime cases registered
356 – Number of cases detected
657 – No persons arrested

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