Condensation: Stop moisture on windows with DIY dehumidifier hack

Condensation: Stop moisture on windows with DIY dehumidifier hack

Fenrah Alesari is a British TikToker who took to her account to detail two brilliant condensation and damp hacks for tackling damp in the home in a video that has been viewed over 855 million times. She uses two common household items to tackle humidity in two ways.

Fenrah told her TikTok followers: “Here’s a tip for anyone who has a damp house or is renovating their home. You can just use salt and cat litter.

“You can put salt in a takeaway box, and cat litter in any socks or pantyhose – preferably not with holes in them. Then spread around your moisture-defying monstrosities,” joked the content creator.

Both substances are good at absorbing moisture in the air, and both are reasonably cheap, especially salt. To make the salt trap moist, simply fill a Tupperware tub with a few inches of salt. Then leave the trap in a damp place, for example by a window.

To make the cat litter traps, fill pantyhose or socks with cat litter, tie them closed and then leave them where moisture tends to collect. Later, the content creator provided an “update on how the DIY dehumidifiers look after a few weeks.” She held up the salt in the takeaway box, showing a few centimeters of water collected there after a few weeks.

She said: “This is what the salt in the takeaway box looks like after I think almost two months now. Looks like it’s collecting quite a lot of the moisture.”

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When it comes to tossing the items, the salt mix doubles for smart use in your garden or for an icy drive.

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She explained: “Now with salt, it’s not very good for the environment, and also don’t put it down the drain.

“I would just keep the salt and use it for ice emergencies, and it’s also really good as a weed killer.

The homeowner planned to put the cat litter creations in the microwave to dry them and reuse them. Make sure the tights you use are microwave safe.

She said: “In the case of cat litter, if it’s in a sock, you might be able to put it in a microwave or put it in an oven on low heat.” So that’s one option or actually haven’t tried it with stockings. So this is a bit of an experiment for me, but we’ll see what happens?”

A number of TikTok users commented to swear by the cat litter trick. One wrote: “Cat litter really works we do this with our caravan over the winter and also put a sock full in the car stop in the morning damp on the windows.”

Another said: “Cat litter in socks in my 22 year old Nissan Micra. Keeps the moisture off the windows in the morning.”

“Cat litter in sock in car stops screen from doing the same,” said another, while another added: “Used that sock in my car. Works. No fogging inside.”

One said: “It’s also handy to put some of the cat litter in the car, getting in and out of the car in the rain causes a lot of moisture. Also comes in handy as gravel on ice.”

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“Rice in socks works too!” another said, while one wrote: “Worried it will confuse my cat.”

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