Co-Optimus – Community Blog – Protect Your Gaming Accounts: Tools for Best Security

Co-Optimus – Community Blog – Protect Your Gaming Accounts: Tools for Best Security

Over the past decade, the gaming industry exploded into a mass phenomenon. It is predicted to be worth $470 billion by 2030, surpassing many expectations and silencing video game skeptics. Right now, eSports arenas are filled with tens of thousands of fans, and events like the League of Legends Finals are watched by millions around the world.

However, big money often attracts more questionable personalities. According to cybersecurity experts at Kaspersky, they detected over 5.8 million cyberattacks targeting gamers.

If you want to learn about gaming security 101, check out our other article on the issue. In this piece, we will focus on gaming accounts and what you can do to protect them.

Why do you need to protect your gaming accounts?

Remember when League of Legends or Hearthstone just launched? Millions rushed to create accounts that were currently worth pennies. Over the years, players have filled them with unique skins and exclusive cards, all of which cost a few dollars to a few hundred for truly rare content. Check out this neat League of Legends account worth counter to see this in action.

Currently, online accounts are worth hundreds of dollars. Not to mention the time players spend collecting achievements. Cybercriminals know this value very well and are developing new methods to hack them and sell them on online black markets.

Some players are not aware of simple ways to protect their online items. If you’re one of them, keep reading for cybersecurity best practices and software recommendations.

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Improve password management

The most popular method of hacking online accounts is Credential Stuffing. People use dozens of different online services protected by passwords. If any of these services experience a data breach, your username and password information will be exposed online. For example, a prolific browser game publisher, Armor Games, leaked 617 million user data, which included hashed passwords (encrypted password format.)

Let’s say you had an Armor Games account and used the same credentials on other services, like Netflix and Steam. Hackers will use this information from the data leak to target your other accounts. In case they get the same login password information, they will take over the account.

Cyber ​​security experts recommend additional cyber security software to improve account security online. For example, a password manager is a handy tool for storing hundreds of different and unique passwords in an encrypted vault. It will autofill the password when required without typing it manually. This way you don’t have to memorize every password and you can create a 60 symbol long unhackable palace with a defensive moat.

Multi-factor authentication

There are three things an experienced player should be aware of: how to penalty jump in Quake3, heal the tank and use multi-factor authentication (MFA).

Even the most secure software can be hacked, as there is no such thing as 100% secure code. Multi-Factor Authentication is an exceptionally effective method of securing your online accounts. Also, almost all popular video game platforms offer some MFA options.

When you turn on MFA, you can choose an additional identity verification option. For example, after logging in with your password, you will receive an email with an additional code. Even if hackers have your username and password, they cannot access your email to provide additional verification. Other MFA options include USB keys, SMS, security questions, and more.

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Secure cloud storage

Cloud storage solutions are becoming more popular for all users. First, it was mainly used by businesses to reduce server load. However, cloud has many more use cases, including gaming benefits.

Many gamers use PCs. Console users have less control over their information because the console’s Cloud manages it for them. However, you often store data on a PC in the solid-state drive. These stations are vulnerable to physical damage, power outages and theft. If you keep your saved games, screenshots, and highlight videos on local storage, you may lose them in an unfortunate accident.

It would be best to back up the data. And one of the more convenient backup solutions is cloud storage. You can rent an online space to access it at any time and download your information.

Remember that the cloud service provider must ensure file security and integrity. Make sure they use extra encryption to protect your data and you can upload it in encrypted form.


The value of online gambling accounts went up from a few to several hundred dollars. It is every player’s responsibility to take care of their security because cybercriminals spend long hours trying to hack them.

Of course, you can expect security mechanisms from the video game platform. However, it is smart to apply for extra protection. We hope this article will help you stay safe online and that you will enjoy climbing your ranking ladder!

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