Clapped out hack embarrasses himself again with desperate anti-Celtic heist.

Clapped out hack embarrasses himself again with desperate anti-Celtic heist.

Thanks, as always, to the social media guys who keep an ear tuned to Radio Clyde, and do for the rest of us what some of us can’t bring ourselves to do; listen to Hugh Keevins make a raging fool of himself.

He was at it again yesterday and the boys, as always, brought back the transcript and then the recording.

It is as common as clockwork.

In midweek, he drooled over The Mooch and predicted the Ibrox club would be comfortably ahead at half-time. They were 2-1 down, and on the way to dropping points, Hibs had not taken their foot off the gas. With ten minutes to go today he was at his clever, ignorant worst as he taunted our team and talked about the afternoon being a disaster.

As the goal flash came in, Gordon rhetorically asked if he would ever learn. That’s the wrong question. No, he will never learn because Keevins long ago stopped thinking that there was anything left that he could or needed to learn. Such is the level of his arrogance, and that it so often turns out to be misplaced does not faze him.

But really, this is about more than just his inability to consistently interpret the sport he’s supposed to be covering. This level of ignorance is the product of a deep-seated loathing for the club he once stated he grew up supporting.

The poison in his veins flows to such an extent now that he sees nothing but negativity when he looks at us, and conversely nothing but sunshine when he looks out over the city.

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This is no Uncle Tim act; Keevins is a mean old reptile who has been so warped by his defiance of Celtic that he can barely see straight.

And no amount of “learning” is going to fix that.

Nothing will fix it short of electroshock therapy. This isn’t about him being stupid and grotesquely unqualified for the job he has in the modern world…this runs deeper than that.

Keevins couldn’t rationally analyze us if he tried at the moment, and he never will. His view of Celtic has been distorted to the point where there is no longer any hope of fixing it.

It has been poisoned by whatever we did to him or what he thinks we did to him, and I no longer care what it was or if it happened at all.

I know he can’t get past that and until he can’t get past that he can’t be objective when dealing with Celtic at any level. As such, it’s long past time for this joker to hang up the mic or give it to someone who can actually do the job.

Knowing the way the media here works, they will give it to a low-IQ loonball on the basis of the one qualification necessary; that he once played football for an Ibrox club.

But even that would be better than this.

Keevins is the ultimate embarrassment in a media full of them.

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