Circle season 5 winner explains how loyalty helped them win

Circle season 5 winner explains how loyalty helped them win

The Circle Season 5 winner admits being loyal helped up their game after a rough start on the Netflix reality competition series.

Netflix’s The circle has been known to be a game of deception, lies and stone fishing, but The circle Season 5 winner Sam Carmona revealed that she won the game by being loyal and honest. Sam was able to bond with almost every player on The circle using her quick wit and emotions. Sam entered The circle winner of season 5 along with his two closest allies, Chaz Lawery and Raven Sutton, who finished second and third respectively. Sam finished as number one out of the five remaining contestants and secured the $100,000 prize.


Sam is the first woman to win without being a catfish on the American version of the circle, after DeLeesa St. Agathe, who won The circle season 2 while fishing as her husband. When Sam was asked by Parade as to why she won, she replied, “I made real connections with people who were strong in the game…The people I love took care of me.” Sam stuck to his allies throughout the game, unlike some of the other players. According to Sam, “I could never betray Chaz and Raven like that.Sam’s strategy of keeping her strong allies paid off as they both rated her highly enough for her to win.

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Sam Carmona has his say and makes connections on the circle

Sam Carmona from The Circle Season 5

Sam always spoke his mind The circleespecially when it came to Sasha, a catfish account created for The circle Season 1 contestant Shubham Goel. Sam did not have it easy throughout her time The circle. In the first rating, she ended up in last place, but managed to stay in the game. According to Sam, “I have never been more lost in the sauce in my life than on the first day.“Sam was able to bounce back quickly and form the season’s tightest bond with Chaz, adding,”I’m very easy to impress…So the fact that he brought up chicken, and chicken is my favorite, that’s it.

Sam was such a refreshing participant too The circle. She was funny and caring, but wasn’t afraid to speak her mind when the situation called for it. Sam fell victim to one of the The circleits new twists, where another player was able to hack Chaz’s profile and convince Sam that she was talking to her number one ally. Sam was funny throughout and quickly managed to figure out that Jennifer the catfish was responsible for the hacking. Sam played the game with his heart on his sleeve and it ended up paying dividends.

Although The circle is technically a strategy game, Sam was able to show that real connections and bonds can be the key to success. Sam seemed genuinely shocked when she won, considering runner-up Chaz had been ranked first in almost every previous episode. The circle Season 5 delivered in many aspects, but Sam’s come-from-behind victory was the extra cherry on top.

The circle Season 5 is available to stream on Netflix.

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Sources: Parade, The Circle/Instagram

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