Can you get banned for changing Fortnite files? Explained

Can you get banned for changing Fortnite files?  Explained

Can you get banned for changing Fortnite files? Yes, players can actually be banned for changing and/or tampering/tweaking files related to the game. While this sounds like the case of someone trying to use hacks/third-party software, it’s not even close to the truth.

Even changing basic items, such as directory paths after the game is installed, can result in players being banned on game launch. But that is only the tip of the iceberg. That said, here’s an in-depth look at why modifying files can lead to a permanent ban.

Changing files in Fortnite is not a good idea: Here’s why

While many games allow players to change and/or tweak certain aspects of their files, Fortnite is not one of them. Once installed, changing anything in the files can cause players to launch.

According to users on Reddit, the ban will not be lifted, and attempts to contact support will lead to a dead end. Here’s what a user named PulseBeat_02 had to say:

“Hi, I recently got banned from Fortnite for no reason other than the possible fact of modifying files in the game. Can modify the files in the game in the folder “C:\Users\[user]\AppData\Local\FortniteGame\Saved\Config\WindowsClient” gets you banned?”

According to the user, the reason for the changed files is due to a “bad” PC. By changing a few files, they wanted to configure some options to run Fortnite faster. Although this is not hacking and just an attempt to optimize the game to make it run faster, it is a violation of the terms of use.

The user also mentioned that despite contacting the support team four times about the issue in addition to emailing them, there has been no response from their side. That said, the ban is permanent.

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Even showing/testing unreleased skins in-game by modifying files is a violation. Although these cannot be used to gain an in-game advantage or sold for V-Bucks, Epic Games will still ban the account. Here’s what user Matt_GamingYT had to say:

“Users are getting banned for changing content in the pac file. People are so outraged that this is happening as you can only use certain skins to change to a different skin or emote and going into the game changes it back to default. This is not a hack but may be placed under modding as it is not verified by epic officials.”

As stated by the user, anything that changes in the files can be seen as modding. While this is fine in games like Stellaris or Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord, an online title like Fortnite does not take kindly to such modifications.

According to many users, even if players are not banned, there is a high chance of the game crashing. To resolve this issue, players may need to reinstall the game. With all that said, it’s clear that tampering with the files will lead to major problems.

While there are a few users tweaking certain files to showcase content that hasn’t been added yet, Epic Games is well aware of the situation. Since the developers have a mutual understanding with certain leakers/dataminers, only a few things are allowed up to a certain extent.

That said, for the average user who wants to modify and/or change something in the files after the game is downloaded, it’s best not to get itchy fingers. That way, it’s safer to experiment with modding tools in creative mode. Since it allows users to express themselves and create new experiences, there is ample scope for the same.

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