Call Of Duty Warzone 2: Building 21 Explained

Call Of Duty Warzone 2: Building 21 Explained

Even though Call of Duty Warzone 2 is the go-to game for COD fans to jump into, DMZ is slowly taking the spotlight for its innovative take on the Survival FPS genre. And while the DMZ may never overshadow the success of war zone 2DMZ is sure to gather its own fan base that is sure to grow over the coming updates.

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And to expand the DMZ, Infinity Ward has released a new close DMZ map (no sniper spots like in war zone 2) that will test the skills of hardcore players. But apart from having all the same gameplay mechanics from Al Mazrah, Building 21 has many new features that players will want to know about before using their key card.


Infinity Ward has stated that Building 21 will not always be available. Instead, building 21 will open with a limited time limit, and when the timer ends, it will close with a fixed cooldown timer.

Building 21 – Gameplay

Call of Duty DMZ gameplay

One of the most notable features of Building 21 is that killing enemies or making a lot of noise will increase its protection level. As players can expect, the higher the protection level, the more Shadow Company AIs will spawn, meaning stealth should always be a priority. But the level of protection can also increase if a player is caught on a security camera.

Players can only form teams of four (initially spawn in with three), but can request an additional teammate through the Ping menu or the Proximity Chat feature. In stark contrast, players can form teams of six on the Al Mazrah DMZ map.

Building 21 – Map layout

Call of Duty DMZ Building 21 Map Layout-1

Building 21’s layout is similar to several POI buildings in Al Mazrah, but players cannot leave the building itself (unless they’re frolicking). There are three levels in building 21 that contain different types of loot, enemies and secret doors. All players joining the Building 21 map will be randomly placed on one of the floors, meaning each session will be different. As for Exfill, there are only three Exfil lifts (one on each floor).

The best weapons to bring to Building 21 are melee weapons, such as the Fennec 45 or FSS Hurricane since there will be many rooms and narrow passages. In addition, there is a cellar with a lot of loot, but it is heavily guarded by the Shadow Company.

Building 21 – Enemies

Call of Duty DMZ Building 21 Enemies

The entire Shadow Company wears 3-plate body armor and armored helmets, unlike the typical AQ Soldier from Al Mazrah. Aside from that, Shadow Company units can have a wide variety of weapons, from shotguns to PILA Launchers. In addition, players can face Shadow Company units with Riot Shields that also have 3-Plate Armor Vests. So players should make sure they use armor piercing rounds as it will take them down much faster.

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Players have also noted (and confirmed by Infinity Ward) that the Shadow Company’s AI is much more complex, meaning they take cover more often or use more lethal/tactical gear. Furthermore, Shadow Company can (and will) revive downed allies.

The main boss of Building 21 is Velikan (just like Al Mazrah has Chemist), but players will notice that Velikan is far more difficult to beat. Velikan will spawn randomly throughout the match (a warning will appear on screen) and will have several Wheelson drones next to him. As for Loadout, Velikan has an RGL-80 Grenade Launcher, but some players have reported that he spawns with the Chimera Assault Rifle. The only major problem with Velikan is that from a distance he looks like any other Shadow Company unit with the difference being that he is much harder to take down.

Building 21 – Secret doors

Call of Duty DMZ Building 21 Key Card

There are several locked doors on each floor of Building 21, but each requires a different set of key cards. So far there are green, blue, red and black key cards. The Blue and Red Key Cards can only be found on the Al Mazrah DMZ map in Orange Loot Chests or Loadout Drops. The green and black key cards can only be obtained in building 21 (Green is dropped by regular Shadow Company units and black by Velikan Boss).

Building 21 – Armoury

Call of Duty DMZ Building 21 Weapon Case

To get an armory, players need to look for the server room (basement level) and start hacking the servers (it will prompt all players in the lobby to be hacked). While you wait for the servers to be hacked, more waves of enemy units will spawn. Once hacked, players must go to the Armory Room (located on the third floor) which will be guarded by a Wheelson Drone.

Once defeated, players can enter the armory and begin cracking a safe. Inside the safe, players can find the weapon case (although some players have reported that they don’t always find one). And like Al Mazrah’s Weapon Crates, players must pull out with it to receive the Weapon Crate Reward (6 in total). The weapon case rewards are as follows:

  • Going BarkWeapon charm
  • Weapon RoverTelephone card
  • Roar Weapon sticker
  • The company SniperEmblem
  • Camo CloudHeavy Chopper Skin
  • Silver ToxChimera Blueprint

The good news is that picking up the weapon case doesn’t tag players, meaning players can reach the Exfil Elevator without fear of anyone knowing where they are.

Call of Duty: Warzone 2 is now available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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