Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2: Best Perk Combos

Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2: Best Perk Combos

Duty calls is a major name in the first-person shooter genre of video games and one of the best games on the market. For almost twenty years, Duty calls has dominated competitive shooters with its extensive focus on detail and spectacular shooting. Recently one of the most prominent parts of Duty calls franchise has been re-released for current and previous generation consoles. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is one of the most beloved versions of the game and is strongly argued to be the best of the entire series.

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Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2returns with updated graphics, special mods and a reworked perk system for players to discover and master all over again. Players will be able to jump into their favorite game modes, such as Team Death Match and Hardpoint, but will notice that the perk system is not what they remember. The perks system has been changed to allow players to choose between two basic perks they will access at the beginning of the match, while the bonus perks and ultimate perks must be earned by earning kills and objectives and playing through the match. In addition, a number of perks return for reinstalling the title, allowing players to create powerful builds. Here are some of the best advantage combinations in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2.


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6/6 Scanvenger – Overkill – Hardline – Quick Fix

In any game mode i Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2, two of the most critical aspects are firepower and survivability. The combination of the above benefits increases the uptime of offensive plays, allowing players to stay in the game, while significantly increasing the level of threat.

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The Overkill perk allows players to carry two primary weapons instead of one, enhancing build compositions for a myriad of different combinations such as rifles, shotguns, and SMGs. Scavenger ensures that after successful firefights, players can maintain the offensive without having to worry about ammunition resources. With consistent offense and some skill, players can achieve their kill streaks faster than usual thanks to the Hardline perks, which will add to their suppression of the opponent. Finally, the Quick Fix completes the build by adding more survivability after defeating a target. Healing after a kill will help teams entering consecutive matches with little time to breathe.

5/6 Double Time – Tracker – Fast Hands – Ghost

Nothing rules the battlefield more than a knife in the dark that cuts through the backline of enemy teams. Speed ​​and efficiency can knock out a random team any day of the week. When using the Double Time perks, players have infinite sprints, allowing them to outmaneuver targets quickly. Coupled with the Tracker perks and a silent SMG, enemies will bite the dust before they know what hit them.

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A run-and-gun playstyle is very effective at tipping the scales in the user’s favor, especially when paired with the Ghost perk, which will trick enemies into thinking they are surrounded, causing their formations to crumble. Fast hands are an added bonus for quick engagements with multiple enemies.

4/6 Battle Hardened – Bomb Squad – Hardline – Survivor

When a team throws everything but the kitchen sink at a player and they shrug it off and keep coming, a team can quickly become overwhelmed by a single goal. A hard-hitting LMG or shotgun will deal plenty of damage when time to kill doesn’t matter thanks to increased damage resistance from explosions thanks to the Battle Hardened and Bomb Squad perks.

As you mow down enemies, the kill streaks will keep coming faster, thanks to the Hardline perks. As damage mounts, players must confirm the kill or risk being taken out thanks to Last Stand, which keeps players in the fight just a little longer.

3/6 Double Time – Scavenger – Focus – High Alert

For a survival-oriented build, players can take advantage of all the benefits provided by the following perks to stay one step ahead of enemy players. Movement speed can be the difference between being a hair ahead or half a step behind. Double Time makes it so that every corner a player turns will be in their favor.

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Scavenger provides a stable ammo line that keeps players in the game using their preferred weapon. Focus can be an underutilized advantage that gives players an even hand in an impromptu shootout. To increase a player’s reaction time, High Alert activates a warning when detected by an enemy player, which can give a leg up on undetected threats.

A good setup for a mid and long range build is a combination of perks that will give a player the unique ability to sabotage the movement of enemy teams and kill streaks, allowing players to be a true asset to the team. The Spotter Perk enables the player to identify and mark enemy kill streaks and volatile equipment. The ability to hack enemy claymores and nearby mines is an added bonus.

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Along with the Bird’s Eye benefits, players get a more advantageous view of the map and more detailed UAV information. For a player with a sniper as their tool of choice, Extra Tactical can provide additional defensive tactical measures while Scavenger can keep resources plentiful.

1/6 Bomb Squad – Overkill – Cold Blooded – Overclock

To be an absolute threat on the battlefield, mix the Overclock and Cold Blooded perks to throw a wrench into your enemy’s plans and leave them unable to find the cause. Overclock allows an additional field upgrade to be kept in the game. This could be a selection of devices such as portable radars, battle rage stimulants or even a cargo box to keep enemies on their toes.

Using the extra gear can sabotage your enemy’s kill streaks and cause their strategies to falter. Using the Cold Blooded perk also allows fans to remain undetected by UAV assistants and thermal sights on the battlefield. Overkill and Bomb Squad give players the offensive and defensive boosts they need to stay in the game.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is currently available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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