Buy ‘Hitman 3’ now, get ‘Hitman’ 1 and 2 free later

Buy ‘Hitman 3’ now, get ‘Hitman’ 1 and 2 free later

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You are Agent 47, relaxing at a high-tech firm in Chongquing, China. Your goal is to eliminate a number of targets and hack the company’s data core. How you perform these tasks is entirely up to you – just don’t get caught.

The Hitman franchise has been around for decades, with the latest iteration starting in 2016 and continuing into two sequels. Developer IO Interactive announced this month in a blog that the last part of the trilogy, Hitman 3will be Hitman World of Assassination January 26, and at that time will include the previous entries, Assassin and Hitman 2. The games are being consolidated to combine all the different versions and expansion packs into one title – and now is the time to buy it at a significant discount.

Why you should buy Hitman 3 right now

All copies of Hitman 3 will update to Hitman: World of Assassination regardless of which platform you use to play the game. The all-in-one game will cost $70 when it’s released, but you can get Hitman 3 right now before the update for much cheaper, and be automatically upgraded to the all-in-one version when January 26th rolls around.

If you’re okay with buying game codes from “grey market” sites like CDKeys, you can get the code for Hitman 3 for $27 for PC right now. Best Buy has the Series X/Xbox One game on clearance for $25and GameStop sells Hitman 3 for $20 for Series X/Xbox Oneor PlayStation 5 version for $28. Amazon has PlayStation 5 version for $23 from this article, and Series X/Xbox One for $27.

Buying some of these now is the way to go, since The world of assassination (which retails for $70) will likely be priced as a new game upon release.

Is the Hitman trilogy for me?

Hitman 3 review

Thinks about Assassin like a slowing, creeping roof on Grand Theft Auto (GTA). If you love games that require a bit more thought and strategy while maintaining the same level of open world freedom as GTA, Assassin may be the game for you. It’s a third-person point-of-view actioner with similar gameplay, but built around assassination missions instead of general mayhem.

While you can jump in and play Hitman 3 without playing the previous two games, you will miss out on some deeper aspects of the story. Fortunately, you only have to wait until January 26th to start playing the previous titles on the platform of your choice.

If you have more questions about the update, check out IO Interactive’s FAQ.

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