Boiler hack to save money on heating: Takes seconds and saves £225 on your energy bill

Boiler hack to save money on heating: Takes seconds and saves £225 on your energy bill

A British mum who posts her savings online has detailed how you can save by changing a setting on your boiler. Beth, the “Budget Mum” lives in the Midlands with her two children.

She helps inspire other parents to live well on a budget, sharing these tips and tricks with her followers. The mother has 43.1,000 followers on her TikTok account @budgetingmum, where she has amassed 349.6,000 “likes” on her videos.

After learning a smart tip to save money on her energy bill from a boiler technician, she posted it on TikTok. Beth said: “I had just had my boiler serviced and while the engineers were here I asked him what we can do to make this combi boiler more economical and save some money on gas.

“He said the only thing you can do is the radiator setting. So here it is on an economy setting, but he said you can turn this down.

“So this is currently at about 65 to 66C degrees. But he said it can run at 55C. If you turn it down to 55C it will save you some gas money.”

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The radiator flow temperature dictates the temperature of the water flowing through your radiators.

Making this change can save you about nine percent on your gas bills, according to The Heating Hub.

Under the EPG, the average annual gas and electricity bill for a direct charge customer with “typical” levels of gas consumption in 2022 will be £2,500. Nine percent of this sum equates to a whopping £225 Britons can save.

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One of Beth’s followers explained why you save money by doing this, saying: “Think of it like driving a car, it takes longer to go slower but doesn’t use as much fuel to cover the same distance. The same logic applies here.”

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Others also gave advice on saving on energy bills. One suggested: “Turn off radiators you’re not using.”

Another said: “Turn down the thermostat on radiators and thermostat for temperature control of the house. My radiators are on 3/4 thermostat for the house is at 18.”

“The best thing to do is turn off the preheat,” wrote another. “Your kettle will not continue to heat the water when you are not using it.”

One suggested simply ditching the heating, saying: “Save more money by not turning it on! No need for heating in the UK yet this year!”

Another said: “I don’t know a person who turns on the heating this winter.”

Another tip for saving money on laundry was also posted by mom. The method can reduce energy use by 62 percent with one setting.

She changed the temperature of the washing machine to save money.

She said: “Always wash at 20C and use stain remover before washing at a lower temperature. This can reduce energy use by up to 62 per cent.”

According to a study conducted by Proctor & Gamble that tested Ariel Gel, the only stain that a 20C wash could not get rid of was olive oil. So it is likely that clothes that are not very dirty will be thoroughly cleaned on this wash.

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