Blind Fate Beginner Tips: Edo No Yami

Blind Fate Beginner Tips: Edo No Yami

Blind Fate: Edo No Yami is a hack-and-slash game that allows players to fight mechanical monstrosities to regain their glory. The action game takes place in Japan and tests the skills of the most masterful swordsman in a futuristic world.

People can use the blade to cut through enemies made of metal Blind Fate: Edo No Yami. Published by 101XP, the sci-fi game turns players into mercenaries who must discover the ways of the sword to slay mythical creatures from Japanese folklore. If this sounds like a great game to dive into, check out these tips for beginners Blind Fate: Edo No Yami.


10/10 Familiarize yourself with the controls

The player uses melee attacks to destroy an enemy

The post-apocalyptic world of Japan offers a variety of enemies for Yami to fight to get through the game. The first thing people need to learn are the controls before fighting bosses. The action game has a simple set of controls that can be used to perform devastating combos.

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Yami can use melee to kill most of the enemies. Melee attacks can be used to cut robot enemies down to their size, while ranged attacks can be used to stun opponents. Yami can block and parry incoming attacks from his enemies to avoid being hit.

9/10 Try different combinations in battle

The player fights an enemy at close range

Blind Fate: Edo No Yami has several moves that players can perform to obliterate their enemies. Once players can easily perform melee and ranged attacks, they can try using different combos to improve their skills in battle.

Yami can start with basic combos like Stomp and Uppercut to deal more damage to enemies around Yami. Stomp can be used to jump on top of enemies and pin them to the ground. To perform Stomp, press Jump, jump, down and jump in the correct order to smash the sword against the ground.

8/10 Take out the first boss in less than 3 seconds

The player goes through the first boss fight without taking damage

Yami is a skilled swordsman who can use his blade against the most powerful machines. Players new to the hack-and-slash genre will be delighted to find that they can defeat the game’s first boss with a few simple hits.

Players can fight the first boss in the game right after learning Stomp, Air Dash and Uppercut. To kill MWDivine3, walk up to the mechanical enemy and use 2-3 melee attacks. The enemy’s health bar will be depleted after performing a few melee attacks. Don’t try to parry or block his attacks as that will prolong the boss fight.

7/10 Find Medkits to restore life

The player uses the hearing sensor to find medkits

Yami can hack and slash his way through hordes of robotic enemies. Each hit from these robotic implements can drain Yami’s health, making him weaker after battles. Yami can avoid being hit by his enemies by using dodge and jump during battles.

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Newbies who get hit often can try to find medicine kits to heal themselves. Medkits can be found by activating the hearing sensor. Yami can scan through sound sources to find red pills located around the map. These red pills can restore Yami’s health after encountering enemies.

6/10 Switch between sensors if necessary

The player uses the smell sensor to track bloodstains

Yami must be alert to find his way across the world Blind Fate: Edo No Yami. The sci-fi game has many sections surrounding Yami’s surroundings in darkness. Yami can use different sensors to navigate from one point to another in the game.

The heat sensor can be activated to find hidden places and paths such as vents on the map. The hearing sensor provides valuable items such as medkits to heal. Yami can turn on his smell sensor to track the sources of fallen enemies. Players can switch between these sensors at any time during gameplay.

5/10 Get an overview of the map

The player collects new data to unlock more parts of the map

Many new to hack-and-slash games may find it difficult to navigate the map Blind Fate: Edo No Yami. There are several situations that cause Yami to lose all sight of a map. Players may damage their battle systems, or may not have enough data to unlock Yami’s in-game vision.

People who have damaged their emergency fighting systems can talk to the Tengu to fix it. Fixing their emergency combat system can restore Yami’s vision. Players can too find and collect new data to unlock different parts of the map.

4/10 Strengthen air strikes

The player uses the Skill Tree to unlock new aerial attacks

Yami can use a wide range of attacks to beat his enemies. Most newcomers to Blind Fate: Edo No Yami don’t use airstrikes while fighting enemies, but this is a mistake. Yami can learn a bunch of different aerial attacks that he can use to blow his opponents away during battles.

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Players can unlock new moves for their aerial attacks through the skill tree. Open the skill tree and unlock Storm and Hurricane to do more damage with aerial attacks. Storm can be unlocked for 1000 XP and do less damage while in the air. Hurricane costs 2500 XP and deals more damage while Yami is in the air during battles.

3/10 Use the levers to free the stone

The player uses a crane to find a new path

Blind Fate: Edo No Yami is an action game with a few simple puzzles to solve. Players can talk to Shogun to enter the forest in the game. The forest presents several different types of mechanical creatures to fight. Yami can also slash four-legged machines in the forest for more XP.

Yami can move objects, such as crates and boxes, around the map to access new locations in the forest. Players can move the crane in the forest to unlock a new path. Use the switches on top of the crane to pick up the boulder on the ground. Move the faucet to the center and drop the boulder to open a new path.

2/10 Defeat Kirin In The Forest

Player cuts through the Kirin to defeat the boss

Yami will meet Kirin in the forest after moving past the crane. Kirin is a mythical creature that can use its horns to crush Yami in battle. Unlike other machines, Kirin can move around Yami to find an opening to deal the final blow.

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Players can use one melee combo to weaken Kirin in the boss fight. Kirin will eventually split the ground, giving rise to a tree that will branch out in the center of the map. Then, Yami can use the Jump button to climb on top of the tree to deliver a deadly attack. Once the Kirin is defeated, Yami can meet Izanami in the forest.

1/10 Do not parry attacks against the red spider

The player uses different combinations to complete the red spider in style

The Red Spider is a huge monstrosity that Yami must fight after meeting the Shogun. It’s not a boss fight like Kirin, but is much harder to defeat. Players can get close to the red spider and use melee attacks to drain its health.

Newcomers to the hack-and-slash genre may die a few times before defeating the red spider in battle. Don’t try to parry moves, as Yami can’t block the red spider’s attack. People can use Air Dash to avoid incoming attacks and hit the red spider with the sword using moves unlocked from the skill tree to defeat it without dying in the game.

Released on September 15, 2022, Blind Fate: Edo No Yamiplayable on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and PC.

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