Bitgert Exchange “The First Zero Trading Fee Exchange’s Transaction Volume Explodes – Why Experts Say It’s a Game-Changer

Bitgert Exchange “The First Zero Trading Fee Exchange’s Transaction Volume Explodes – Why Experts Say It’s a Game-Changer


The launch of the long-awaited Bitgert centralized exchange marked the beginning of a new phase of cryptocurrency exchange competition. The exchange is already destabilizing the crypto industry, especially the exchanges, just as crypto experts had predicted.

Like the rest of the products that the Bitgert team has built and released, the Brise exchange came to solve the limitations of the current exchanges. The three main challenges this exchange addresses include expensive transaction costs, security and liquidity issues.

These three features are what attract the thousands of new traders who join the exchange every day. There are also reasons why transaction volumes on this exchange have increased rapidly in recent days. Here’s how these features contribute to this growth:

Low transaction costs

One thing that the Bitgert team did when they built this exchange is set the trade to zero. Therefore, the Brise exchange is the only cryptocurrency exchange that offers traders a “zero trading fee”.

With the lowest trading fee in the market, the number of traders showing interest in this exchange is growing rapidly. The zero trading fee will remain one of the biggest factors that attract trading to the Brose exchange.

High asset security

Many crypto exchanges have gone under due to hacking. Many crypto investors and traders have lost their money to hacking as well. Not even major cryptocurrencies like Binance and Coinbase have been spared by hackers. Bitgert Exchange has solved this problem in two ways.

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First, the exchange stores only 10% of assets in a hot wallet, and the remaining 90% of deposits are stored in a cold wallet that is impossible to hack. The exchange also uses a multi-layer and multi-cluster system architecture, which is difficult for hackers to penetrate.

This security system has given traders more confidence in the exchange, hence the increase in transaction volume.

The liquidity problem is sorted

FTX and many other exchanges have crashed due to poor liquidity. The Bitgert stock exchange has arranged this. The team has assembled abundant resources and partners that ensure strong benefit for this exchange. This is another factor that has given traders more confidence in this exchange and is why transaction numbers have skyrocketed in recent days.

With these advantages over other exchanges, crypto experts believe that the Brise exchange will be a game changer. It is one of the products that will make Bitgert coin reward investors bigger than the likes of Bitcoin in 2023.

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