BetMGM Maryland Promotion: $200 bonus near launch

BetMGM Maryland Promotion: 0 bonus near launch

Players in the Old Line State are closer than ever to being able to place bets, and the latest BetMGM Maryland promotion gives players the chance to pick up a significant bonus. This comes in the form of $200 in free games, which will be available on launch day.

New players in Maryland will be able to lock in a $200 bonus in exchange for a few minutes of their time. This pre-registration bonus is among the best available in the Maryland pre-registration window.

BetMGM has an excellent sports betting app full of in-app promotions and odds increases. Before the app officially launches, players can take advantage of a $200 bonus. As soon as the app goes live, you will be able to use these free bets on a variety of bets in various sports leagues.

Click here to unlock the BetMGM Maryland promotion for a $200 pre-registration bonus.

BetMGM Maryland Promotion offers $200 limited time bonus

Any punter interested in securing a massive pre-registration bonus can get in on the action by registering early with BetMGM. The latest BetMGM Maryland promotion comes with free bets totaling $200. This means that you will not be limited to one betting market in one specific game.

Players will have the opportunity to bet on various NFL, NBA, NHL, college football and college basketball games at launch. All you need to do after the app is launched is to complete the registration process. Making an initial deposit will also make you eligible for in-app promotions, odds increases and the one-bet parlay feature.

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Sign up for the BetMGM Maryland promotion today

Players in the Old Line State can activate the BetMGM Maryland promotion by pre-registering via the links on this page. Complete these steps to claim a $200 early sign-up bonus:

  • Click here to unlock the BetMGM Maryland promotion.
  • Enter your email address and a password for your account.
  • Fill in the necessary information to verify your identity.
  • Accept the geolocation request to verify you are in Maryland.

BetMGM Maryland will add a $200 Free Play credit to your account. You will be able to access these free games when the app goes live and you log in for the first time.

Launching soon in the Old Line State

Unlike Ohio, where the sports betting launch date is set for January 1, 2023, Maryland has not given players a solid launch date. The industry expectation is that Maryland online sports betting will go live sometime between late November and early December. The uncertainty surrounding the launch of MD sports betting is what makes the pre-registration window so important to note. Once the apps are launched, pre-registration options cease.

Given the projected launch window, players will be allowed to bet on the NFL, including the Baltimore Ravens. Other Mid-Atlantic teams such as the Washington Commanders, Washington Capitals and Washington Wizards will also be available to bet on. BetMGM has many in-app promotions and odds increases available in other states, so it stands to reason that similar offers will be available in-app after BetMGM MD launches later this year.

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Lock in a $200 early sign up bonus when you activate the BetMGM Maryland promotion by clicking here.

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