Best Skills to Unlock First – Gotham Knights Wiki Guide

Best Skills to Unlock First – Gotham Knights Wiki Guide

Each playable character in Gotham Knights has four skill trees to choose skills from, and this guide will show you the best skill to unlock first. Only three trees are available from the start, but we’ll also go over which skills to choose in the fourth when you unlock Knighthood.



Robin’s biggest strength is his stealth, but he has a couple of skills you’ll want to pick up before fully investing in his Shade tree. You won’t always be able to stick to the shadows, so it’s good to have contingency plans for mandatory fights or boss fights.

  • Elemental Decoy (Slugger) – Elemental Decoy buffers Robin’s Momentum decoy by causing it to deal elemental damage when it disappears. The decoy will draw aggro away from Robin and deal damage at the same time, which is a big help when dealing with large groups in open combat.
  • Lightfoot (shadow) – Now it’s time to get into the stealth skills. Light Footed makes Robin’s footsteps quiet when he’s not in full sprint. It will also make him move faster while crouching, so this is extremely useful if you never want to be seen or heard.
  • Removal of inversion (shadow) – Turnabout Takedown is one of Robin’s best skills, as it allows him to perform sneaky takedowns on large enemies – something no other knight can do. This will come in handy in rooms where several large enemies await. You can take one out, engage in combat, escape with a smoke bomb, and then repeat the process.
  • Reduced visual stimulation (shadow) – This skill improves on the previous two by making it harder for enemies to detect Robin. They take longer to notice him, so you won’t be caught as quickly as before.
  • Vantage Hanging Takedown (Shadow) – This skill allows Robin to perform takedowns from vantage points and tough enemies at the same time. The hanging enemy will then attract others, making it easier to complete an objective or draw a group to a single location.
  • Sticky Pellet (Tinkering) – Sticky Pellet causes Robin’s aimed pellet to stick to surfaces, creating a temporary mine. Combining this with the perspective take-off can lead to explosive results.
  • Slideways Takedown (Knighthood) – Slideway’s Takedown teleports an enemy directly to your position for a takedown. It’s a useful (and fun) way to isolate and remove threats when facing a group.
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Bat girl

Batgirl is a well-rounded, tech-savvy character who can battle while hacking devices—or even enemies—in the area to wreak havoc. Invest in Grit skill tree first because it will increase survivability and finally give Batgirl a self-revival to ensure she can stay in the fight.

  • HP Plus (Grit) – HP Plus is the first skill in the Grit tree and it will increase Batgirl’s base HP by 40%. This won’t increase the HP provided by gear, but it’s still a significant boost for an early skill.
  • Enemy Counter Focus (Grit) – Enemy Counter Focus grants a 75% defense bonus every time Batgirl is hit by a counter attack, meaning certain combat glitches and enemy interruptions will be far less expensive.
  • Second Wind (Grit) – Second Wind is a skill that restores 50% of Batgirl’s HP after her health bar is depleted. If the damage reduction and HP boost aren’t enough to keep you alive, this certainly is. This skill also leads into Vigilante Solution and Feeling of victory to add a new self-revival and some healing in battle.
  • Remote Hacking (Oracle) – If you want to add some hacking to your movement pool, start with Remote Hacking in the Oracle skill tree. The skill allows Batgirl to disable devices in AR mode, including cameras, turrets, mines, electronic panels, and laser control modules.
  • Shocking Devices (Oracle) – Shocking Devices is somewhat self-explanatory, as it allows you to overcharge enemy units and weapons. It will also apply an electrical elemental effect to shock whoever you target. This is a great skill to use when you want to disrupt enemies with weapons before they can lock onto you.
  • Digital Ghost (Oracle) – Digital Ghost prevents electronic devices, such as cameras or sensors, from detecting Batgirl, even if they are not hacked. This makes certain stealth sections much easier.
  • Health Regen+ (Knighthood) – This healing skill will cause Batgirl’s health to automatically regenerate up to 40% when out of combat, which will help save Health Kits in a pinch.
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Nightwing’s mobility is his greatest asset in battle, and his abilities make him an expert when it comes to crowd control. He is never stationary for long, making him a difficult target for enemies to deal with when dealing damage from the air. Focus on Raptor and Acrobat skill trees here.

  • Trampoline (Raptor) – Trampoline causes Nightwing to follow his Pounce Momentum Ability with a high jump onto the enemy. This allows you to do another air attack after the first jump.
  • Aerial Bounce (Raptor) – Aerial Bounce can be used as a follow-up to Trampoline, allowing three linked bounces in succession to keep Nightwing mobile in crowds.
  • Extra Momentum (Acrobat) – Extra Momentum gives Nightwing another Momentum bar, which is perfect for him since he wants to build a ton of Momentum through constant movement and dodging.
  • Evade Chain (Acrobat) – Evade Chain works with Extra Momentum because it gives Nightwing extra evasion to extend evasion and build even more Momentum.
  • Haly’s favorite (Acrobat) – This skill adds an AoE move to the end of Evade Chain. Whenever Nightwing completes an Evade Chain, he will perform a knockdown attack that hits all enemies around him. This is fantastic as a crowd control move that will turn the tables if you are ever surrounded.
  • Revive Darts (Pack Leader) – This skill can be found at the end of the Pack Leader skill tree, but it can be useful if you decide to play through the game in co-op. Revive Darts gives Nightwing an ally revive that he can use once per night.
  • Triple Darts (Knighthood) – Triple Dart allows Nightwing to shoot three arrows instead of one for his ranged attack. His ranged attack isn’t as good as what the other knights have available to them, but this skill makes it much better, and allows it to feed into his crowd control skills.

Red cap

Red Hood is a shooter who attacks from a distance. And, like Nightwing, he’s a specialist in crowd control. When enemies get too close, Red Hood’s strong grip can get him out of tough situations. Surprisingly, his grappling skills i Noise tree are some of the best he has overall.

  • Focused Fire (Marksman) – With Focused Fire, Red Hood can aim at targets for longer to deal four times more damage. If you have space, aim your shots to do much more damage than usual and pick off opponents one by one.
  • Lucky Rounds (Marksman) – The Lucky Rounds skill makes each round have a chance to do 5x more damage. This only applies to ranged attacks and Precision Aim, but you’ll be shooting so often that this skill is well worth using.
  • Extended grapple window (Brawler) – This skill allows Red Hood to grab enemies when they have 50% HP or less. By the time someone gets close to you, they’ll probably already be at that HP target.
  • Large Grab (Brawler) – Large Grab allows Red Hood to grab large enemies. This is similar to Robin’s Turnabout Takedown, as it makes large enemies far more vulnerable, making them easier to deal with.
  • Iron Grip (Brawler) – Grabbing an enemy will make it harder for Red Hood to be interrupted, so in a way this is both a defensive and offensive skill when you need a breather during a fight.
  • Unlimited Fire (Revenge) – This is near the bottom of the Vengeance tree, but it’s worth mentioning since it gives Red Hood the ability to fire unlimited rounds for a limited time after using the Two-Fisted Reload Momentum Ability. The Vengeance tree also increases Red Hood’s damage, which is useful if you want to end fights as quickly as possible.
  • Grab Dread (Knighthood) – Grab Dread inflicts fear on surrounding enemies, causing them to take more damage. This is the skill to go for if you want the Red Hood’s grip to be as strong as possible.
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Looking at the skills above, it’s clear that each of the knights specializes in a different playstyle. So be sure to check out our guide on which character to pick if you’re having trouble deciding between the four.


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