Best Ohio Sports Betting Apps

Best Ohio Sports Betting Apps

Ohio’s online sports betting is live! Ohio’s sports betting gives users access to nearly a dozen sports betting apps to bet on. With so many betting app options available to users at launch, here are our top Ohio sports betting apps to consider, as well as betting offers for every sportsbook that you can make money from to start your sports betting off on the right foot .

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Best Sports Betting Apps in Ohio

DraftKing’s Sportsbook

DraftKings Sportsbook is one of the best Ohio sports betting apps available to use. With the addition of Ohio to its legal operations, DraftKings Sportsbook is now available for use in 21 states. The popular sports betting app is one of the most established options on the market and has a number of features that bettors like. Some of the best features at DraftKings Sportsbook include:

  • Live games
  • Same game parlay
  • Odds for all major sports leagues
  • Casino in the app
  • Public and private gaming pools
  • Dynasty Rewards Benefits
  • Statistics center in the app
  • DraftKings Reignmakers, an NFT powered fantasy football game
  • Flash game
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As a new DraftKings Sportsbook user, you can win up to $150 in free bets when you bet $5 on any pregame moneyline using the popular Ohio sports betting app.

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Caesar’s Sportsbook

Since its launch on August 3, 2021, Caesars Sportsbook has seen a rapid rise in popularity among sports punters. Although Caesars Sportsbook is a relatively new option for users in the online sports betting market, it has several in-app options that players like, making it an attractive option when choosing between the best sports betting apps to use in Ohio.

  • Caesar’s Rewards
  • Educational guides for sports betting
  • Odds across most major sports leagues
  • Same game parlays
  • Live betting

Caesars Sportsbook has a special offer available for sports betting in Ohio. When you join Caesars Sportsbook and deposit $20, you get $100 in free games!

Bar stool Sportsbook

Barstool Sportsbook is popular among gaming communities due to its in-app features and creative promotional offers. Their promotional offers and creative pre-built games position the sportsbook to be among some of the best sports betting apps in Ohio at launch. Barstool Sportsbook’s current offer rewards new users with $150 off a $20 bet if one of the NFL teams scores a TD in a game you’re betting on. Here are some of the best features available to users of the Barstool Sportsbook app:

  • Custom, pre-built games from Barstool Media personalities
  • Multi-sport parlays
  • MyChoice Loyalty Rewards
  • Live betting
  • Casino in the app


BetMGM is a sportsbook owned and operated by MGM Resorts International, an owner of popular casinos and resorts for betting enthusiasts. BetMGM has several unique features that set it apart from the competition, making it one of the best Ohio sports betting apps available to players. These features include:

  • Casino in the app
  • Live streaming in the app
  • Weekly free games
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Sign up for BetMGM, one of the best options available among Ohio sports betting apps, and receive $200 in free bets – no deposit required!

FanDuel Sportsbook

FanDuel Sportsbook is the market leader in legal sports betting operations and should be a popular Ohio sports betting app from day 1. Users often give FanDuel Sportsbook rave reviews for their in-app user experience and more favorable odds, along with more deposit and withdrawal options to make placing and paying out your bets even easier. Here are some of the best features FanDuel Sportsbook has to offer:

  • Same match
  • Live streaming in the app
  • Live betting
  • Odds across all major sports leagues
  • Educational betting guides

As a new user of FanDuel Sportsbook, download the popular Ohio sports betting app and unlock up to $1,000 in no-sweat betting access.

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PointsBet has some of the most unique betting options among the popular Ohio sports betting apps. They are known for their PointsBetting options, a feature exclusive to this sportsbook. PointsBetting rewards loyal users with more money the more often they win their bets, and rewards players who can find their edge in the betting book. Here are some of the other top features you can use at PointsBet:

  • Live parlays in the same match
  • Lightning bet
  • Live streaming in the app
  • Live betting

Claim two free bets up to $2000 when you join PointsBet today.

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