Best horror games that turned 20 in 2022

Best horror games that turned 20 in 2022

Horror game has been a successful game genre for countless years. With franchising like that Resident Evil that have been released for a long time and keep many fans attracted to the genre, it’s no surprise that many horror games are already in the double digits for how long they have lasted.

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With new horror titles being introduced this year attracting new players, many fans of the genre are celebrating the birthdays of many of their favorite titles. These are a long way off best horror games that finally reached the mature age of twenty in the year 2022 while still entertaining the audience.


5/5 The psychological horror of Dark Fall

Once in a hotel in Dark Fall: Lost Souls

Originally released in the UK in April 2002, Dark autumn is a first-person psychological horror that allows the player to unlock the mysterious disappearance of their brother through exploring haunted locations in both a train station and a hotel. Due to the locations being haunted, the player must rely on a ghost hunting unit to see into the past and hear the dead for clues as to where they must go next.

In addition to using the gadgets available to them, players must also avoid the dangers of getting caught, as the presence in these buildings is far from friendly. When released Dark autumnreceived mixed reviews from critics and players alike, but overall, players this year have enjoyed this classic horror experience, which forces them to think in order to progress through the story. Not to mention the classic jumpscares that even many current games rely on.

4/5 Bloody vampire slaying in BloodRayne

Rayne fires while holding a soldier in BloodRayne

Gamers looking for a horror game with splatter gore psychics, intense violence and most of all vampires should look no further than the hack and slash action adventure of BloodRayne. In this title originally released for North America in October 2002, players take on the role of Rayne, a Dhampir sent out to deal with supernatural disturbances which usually means dealing with vampires.

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As the red-headed version of the vampire hero Blade, Rayne and the community she works for identify that two missions separated from each other between the world wars are connected. The man who connects the two is looking for artifacts that will help bring his rule over the world, it’s up to Rayne to hunt down this person and his generals to end his reign. BloodRayne has since received a remaster that hoped to shed the action horror of any previous nostalgic flaws it may have had, though many may want to try the original.

3/5 The Thing, A Film Turned Game

A player who is approached by a monster in The Thing Video Game

Banking on the success of the popular 1982 horror film, The thingthe video game was a huge commercial success when it was released to its North American audience in August 2002. Just like the countless Alien themed game, Konami and Black Label Games hoped to bring the terrifying wonder of horror to gamers on PC, PlayStation 2, and Xbox. There were plans for it to also debut on the likes of GameCube and Game Boy Advance, but these were unfortunately cancelled.

Players were tasked with exploring the US Antarctica Outpost while helping NPCs and shooting at the monsters in hopes of surviving these unknown alien creatures. The thing was also expected to have a sequel, although that too was unfortunately canceled in the early stages of development, and so this classic third-person horror is the only Thing themed horror games available for players to try.

2/5 Cult Classic Eternal Darkness Sanity’s Requiem

eternal darkness santiy's requiem

Released worldwide in 2002, Eternal Darkness Sanity’s Requiem appeared to be heavily inspired by the successful long-running franchise of Resident Evil. With its combination of intense moments of fighting monsters and the mind-boggling puzzles players were expected to solve in order to move on, it’s no surprise that many players saw the similarity.

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Although the title itself was not a commercial success, Eternal darkness won numerous awards as well as critical acclaim, while managing to find an audience that considered it a cult classic. In addition to the interesting gameplay features, it also manages to win points with the players for its interesting psychological story that has slight differences depending on the players’ choices. This is decided from the first chapter of the game where the player chooses between several paths to decide which of the antagonists will be the main culprit in the action.

1/5 Strategic horror in Resident Evil Zero

resident evil zero rebecca and billy

Overall, by far one of the best horror games to turn twenty this year is one of the infamous titles of Resident Evil franchise, Resident Evil Zero. Released by Capcom in 2002 for the GameCube, Resident Evil Zero was considered a prequel to the original Resident Evil which was released in 1996. In typical Resident Evil fashion, this title made the most of the familiar mechanics that continue to create Resident Evil successful as captivating puzzles and defense against monsters.

But unlike the previous one Resident Evil, Resident Evil Zero allowed players to switch between two protagonists while exploring the Arklay Mountains. This meant that many puzzles were approached differently, as it relied on the player placing the two characters correctly to complete puzzles, as well as making sure they both stay alive and well. Each character had their own skills they excelled at, such as being able to move heavy objects or create potions to keep them healthy, although this new feature received mixed responses.

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