Best game for Beat ‘Em Up Veterans

Best game for Beat ‘Em Up Veterans

Many titles across multiple genres still incorporate aspects and features of the beat ’em up style in modern times, with both indie and triple-A developers using it. While some of the titles may not be popular or favored by many gamers, there are certainly some that still stand as the subject of revisiting on PS2, PS4 and PS5.

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With some of the upcoming titles featuring a mix of beat ’em up along with hack and slash such as Wanted: Deadthere are a number of titles that old and new fans can be reminded of in the midst of their experiences.


5/5 Def Jam: Fight For New YorkD Mob

Classified as one of the PS2’s biggest titles among fans, especially in this genre, Def Jam: Fight For New York is a beat ’em up title that excels in its intentions. Purely based on hand-to-hand combat with many styles at players’ disposal, the opportunity for experimentation and perfect execution is very much available. This is a game that is very similar to the likes of other popular and more prominent fighting titles such as Street Fighter, Mortal Kombatand The thatch.

For those more familiar with games that have a heavy focus on combat, use of environments, multiple styles, move sets and more, this game has all of that in one with its unique story mode that also allows for character creation. While it’s not available on next-gen consoles and it’s unlikely to be remastered or remade despite the rumors, fans will know this is worth a visit.

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4/5 God’s hand


As one of the more popular and prominent studios in gaming, Capcom was able to produce a game that is the true definition of beat ’em up. This is another title that features a variety of movesets and allows the player to mix and match each to their unique taste, producing engaging encounters in multiple regions. While certainly fun and entertaining for beginners in the early stages, this is a title that is often brutal and unforgiving and puts players in tough situations as enemies can very easily outnumber and overwhelm them.

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It is a game that can test players’ skills and patience, with a multitude of bosses and different enemies to fend off. Given the controls very similar to Resident Evil 4 gives players a lack of freedom in terms of camera control, fans of this genre may find it difficult to try, but each of the spectacular fight sequences makes up for this.

3/5 The warriors

Warriors match

While The warriors may not be among Rockstar Games’ more classic and memorable PS2 titles such as Grand Theft Auto San Andreas, it still did its job as a game in this genre. Not particularly too hard or easy, its combat and brutal attacks from both the player and NPCs stand as what veterans will love.

This is very different from Rockstar’s titles in modern times such as e.g Grand Theft Auto 5 and Red Dead Redemption 2which it is more in line with Bun and Manhunt. Rockstar Games was able to provide a positive and enjoyable experience here, with every combo and combat encounter providing a satisfying feel, and appears to be a more aggressive and mature themed game compared to Bun.

2/5 Spider-Man (2018): Combat Wave Challenges


The outstanding contribution to Spider man (2018)’s success was its traversal and impressive net-swinging, but the combat challenges were also executed to a high standard. These are commonly known as “Fish Hideouts”, which can be much more relaxed and less difficult early in the game, but due to the game’s spectacular difficulty and encountering Mr. Negative’s possessed enemies once the game is underway.

The fluidity between attacking and dodging makes for a perfect mix for a beat ’em up game, and while it’s certainly not the primary genre, it still manages to be a big part of the game’s duration. The range of moves and attacks has been further expanded for PC players, thanks to the modding community that has integrated combat inspired by Web of Shadows, another highly acclaimed beat ’em up Spider-Man title.

1/5 Sifu


Of all the titles, Sifu is the most appropriate and eligible title when it comes to looking them up for players who are well versed here. The indie developer studio Sloclap managed to give a surprise to the fans that Sifu Complies with all player types, whether beginners or advanced with the extra difficulty modes.

Just like God’s hand, players can string together a mix of different attacks while enemies have no qualms about rushing in all at once, leaving themselves with tough trials trying to fend them off. There is also an engaging tale of revenge to enjoy along with the presence of two endings, which depend on whether players decide to kill bosses or spare them. Either of these two choices can lead to different experiences, and those who are experts in games as such will have fun showing off their masterful skills.

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