Best food and drink apps in 2022

Best food and drink apps in 2022

The best Apps for food and drink The wine and hospitality industry has experienced a renaissance in recent years thanks to mobile technologies and the speed, convenience and wide variety they offer. However, this renaissance has not happened without a list of new user demands, especially millennials. They demand a first-class user experience. They want convenience in terms of interface, payment or range of choices.

They want their apps to have a social aspect. And they want their apps to have that extra something, the “secret ingredient” that sets them apart from others: special offers, unique approaches to personalization or other creative solutions. How has the industry reacted to these needs and wishes? With style. Here are the best restaurant apps that have hit the nail on the head in terms of interface, user experience, ease of use and functionality.

There are food apps for breakfast, lunch and dinner, as well as for all snacks, snacks, midnight snacks and desserts. If you feel a wave of culinary inspiration coming, you can download entire cookbooks and individual recipes from professional chefs, star chefs and amateur chefs. And if you prefer to let someone else do the cooking, below we’ve listed the best food and drink apps.

Here is the list of best food and drink apps


BigOven’s appeal is its huge catalog of recipes: it offers more than 350,000 in virtually every category of cooking. All kinds of dishes from starters to dinner are available, and a handy tool makes starters from three leftover ingredients. In addition, BigOven has an archiving function that allows you to save digital copies of family recipes: just take a photo of the recipe, upload it, and the app will organize it by folders and categories. The app also has built-in meal planning and allows you to manage your shopping list, which automatically displays ingredients by department and recipe.

With various social network functions, you can comment on recipes and ask questions, or follow friends who have registered and follow the recipes they have shared. A premium subscription ($20 per year) expands functionality, allowing you to sort recipes by diet and nutritional value, create custom recipe folders, and upload an unlimited number of recipes.


If you’re unsure and wine lists scare you, there’s always Lush. The app dispenses esoteric names and ranks drinks based on flavor profiles. Want something nutty? Lush offers a collection of cocktails that fit that description. Do you prefer something mint? Lush also has these. The app also filters drinks by ingredients and offers rotating editorial lists suitable for any occasion – for example B. “Girl’s Night” and “Brunch”.

You can also select your favorite drinks on the go and see a stylized chart as you mix to illustrate common mixing ratios. “Using Lush is like talking to a bartender with 20 years of experience,” reads the description of Lush on the iTunes Store. We can only agree.

At the bar

If the social element of mixology appeals to you as much as mixing, it’s Onthebar. The app has a database of thousands of cocktail recipes, but more importantly it offers a social window into the local drinking scene. Suppose your favorite bartender has created a profile. If so, you can see his or her photo, bio, favorite poison, and “reputation” score based on the number of users who follow him or her, the number of compliments he or she has received, and the number of drink recipes he or she has posted.

You’ll also be able to see when they’re working and what new drinks they’ve created, with tasting notes like “aggressive” and “hearty.” And when your drinking buddies are on board, you can coordinate bar meetings, crawls and social hours. There’s also a competitive element: frequent visits allow you to unlock hidden drink cards.


There are tons of recipe apps out there, but ChefTap stands out from the crowd. It’s like Pinterest for chefs: it automatically analyzes recipes from all English-language websites and stores them in a cloud-based digital album along with a link to the original post. It manages social media sites like Facebook and Google+ and, more importantly, generates a shopping list that can be filtered by department, aisle and department.

Recipes, which can be saved using iOS’s built-in sharing features, also adjust for device size, so laptops and tablets with larger screens will display more columns and larger images. The app is free, but a Pro subscription gives you unlimited recipes and shopping lists, unlimited access to recipe scaling, and the ability to sync your account across devices and send recipes to Clips from your desktop.

Epicurious recipes and shopping list

Few things are as rewarding as successfully preparing a mouth-watering meal from scratch, and even the most inexperienced of cooks can look like gourmet chefs with the help of Epicurious Recipes & Shopping List. This app provides you with more than 30,000 recipes, giving you step-by-step instructions from meal preparation to the first bite. Once you’ve chosen a recipe, Epicurious creates a shopping list to make sure you have all the right ingredients before you begin.

Never again will you miss the last pinch of seasoning or forget how long you have to set the oven. There are more recipes than 20 Minute Meals, and they’re constantly updated, but many are more complicated and aren’t accompanied by in-depth tutorials, so consider Epicurious an app for slightly more experienced cooks.

Mixologist Drink Recipes

A night on the town is fun, but going out to bars can quickly become expensive. Instead, stay that night, invite some friends over, and impress them with your amateur bartending skills using Mixologist Drink Recipes. If you have a particular drink in mind, just browse the drink categories to find it and start mixing. Do you have a cupboard full of alcohol and don’t know what to do with it? Enter what you have and the app will easily provide you with all the cocktail combinations available to you.

If a key ingredient is missing, it also directs you to the nearest liquor store. The app guides you through the basics, for example: Making a simple gin and tonic, for example, and then tests your skills with more complicated concoctions like mixing a Sex on the Beach or a Smashing Pumpkin. You can also add extra and unusual ingredients you have on hand to see what options are available and take your drinks to the next level.

Cocktail Flow

Like liquor cabinets, Cocktail Flow displays several possible drink combinations from what you already have. However, the included smart shopper feature takes it a step further. The shopper shows not only the ingredients needed for specific drinks, but also their approximate cost, so you can plan your party accordingly. Plus, you can choose a drink based on the approximate price and even check out step-by-step tutorials designed to take your mixing skills from basic to bomb in no time.

Unfortunately, Cocktail Flow is a freemium app and contains in-app purchases that include recipe packs and premium features that don’t entice the sober, let alone the drunk. Other than that, the app does what it says: it encourages you to roll up your sleeves, put on a pair of sunglasses and start spinning the bottle.

Restaurant apps

Gluten seems to be in the spotlight a lot these days, usually for the wrong reasons. However you feel about this infamous protein mix, Find Me Gluten Free will help those intolerant, sensitive or conscious to avoid it. True to its name, there is an extensive list of restaurants, fast food joints, cafes, bars and grocery stores that serve gluten-free diets.

National chain restaurant listings include menus, and there’s a social element that lets you rate establishments, read reviews, and share your favorites using iOS’s built-in sharing tools. And if you come across a business that isn’t listed, you can suggest it to the Find Me Gluten Free editors for inclusion.


Foursquare rose to prominence as a social game for checking in at popular businesses and competing to become the digital property of these neighborhood hotspots. But in recent years it has reinvented itself. Now Foursquare offers a set of restaurant search tools to help you discover hidden gems.

Tell it about your favorite foods and dishes, and restaurants will be filtered based on those criteria. You can also follow well-traveled reviewers, people you trust, or the collective wisdom of the crowd. Once you’ve found a potential restaurant, you can check reviews, photos, recommended dishes, or bookmark it for later review.


Drinking is primarily a social activity, so why shouldn’t it have its own social network? Aptly titled, Untappd offers booze hunters and beer snobs the ability to keep track of their drink choices for the night, with a geolocation feature for friends to follow. Untappd keeps an eye on the latest and greatest beers hitting the market or trending at a local bar, providing beer reviews, photos and personalized recommendations based on your personal taste.

You can make lists of beers you want to try and then check them out on Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare. You can also find out where to find a specific craft beer, and there are brands you can unlock to try different styles and beers. Let’s be honest: few apps praise and reward your drinking habits like Untappd.

Last word

ONE food app is one of the most essential applications that any gourmet can have on their phones. The ability to virtually stand in line at a restaurant so you can get in after the wait has passed, or the availability of hundreds of recipes at hand, food apps are amazing.

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