Best clock apps in 2022

Best clock apps in 2022

One of the best aspects of the watch is the ability to customize the watch face. If you want to display your favorite color or TV show directly on your watch, there’s a watch face app that can help. Here are some of the best apps to give your watch face a new look. Whether you’ve recently bought a new watch or just want to spruce up an older unit, there are plenty of options to suit your style. To narrow it down, we’ve rounded up the best watch face apps available.

Whether you recently bought a new Wear OS watch or just want to freshen up an old device, there are plenty of options to suit your style. To narrow it down, we’ve rounded up the best watch faces for Wear OS available. Today we present the best watch face apps. The downside is that it doesn’t integrate directly with the Apple Watch, so you have to download the faces as images first. For a monthly fee of $0.99, you can access the premium subscription, which offers many more gaming options. below we have mentioned the best watch faces apps.

Check the list of apps for best watch faces


Facer is one of the most popular apps for creating custom and branded watch faces. On this platform, you can choose from thousands of prepackaged options or create your own watch face for Wear OS. When you download one of the available watch faces, you can browse a selection of more than 15,000 watch faces.

These include top film and TV brands, retro throwbacks and original looks from designer partners. Downloading the Facer app is free, as are some of the available faces. Others require an in-app purchase. If you decide to go the DIY route, you can use Facer’s online watch face editors, which provide a basic template and instructions.

Pujie black

Pujie Black has been around for a long time and it shows. Like the Facer, the Pujie Black is more of a dial design platform than a single dial. Functionally, it resembles the widget designers found on Android phones. Users of Pujie Black have a virtually unlimited number of fonts, colors, complications and backgrounds at their disposal. You can even create your own clock hands or add text.

If you are a detail lover, the combinations are practically endless. If you want a watch face focused on fitness tracking, just add the relevant widgets shortcuts. If you’re looking for a stylish smartwatch to wear to the office, Pujie Black has options for you too. To get a unique watch face customized to your taste, it’s worth spending $1.99 to access this editing platform.

WatchMaker dials

WatchMaker is another solid choice for those who appreciate variety. It’s a DIY creation app for users who want a large number of watch faces to keep things fresh. It competes with similar apps like Facer by offering the tools to create your own watch faces for Wear OS.

Additionally, you can choose the Pro version and get access to more than 20,000 community-created watch faces. It’s not as in-depth as other face creators, but it’s easy to use and gives users a chance to be creative and have fun.


What makes this app different from others is that instead of watch faces, the app offers 37+ types of complications for different watch faces built into the Apple Watch, which are fully customizable. In addition, the complications are not only static but also dynamic. This means that you can customize the complications so that they change throughout the day. From the weather in the morning, to the calendar at noon, to astronomy at night, you can choose the dynamics of the complications to your liking.

By subscribing to the reward, you can get even more options. In addition, the app is seamlessly integrated with the Apple Watch, making setting complications more natural. The app offers selectable quick actions, golden hour, a time zone calculator, accurate time and moon phases.


With the excellent Clockology app, you can not only create your own watch faces for Apple Watch, but also use those created by other users. If you want a little nostalgic trip to the 1990s, you can’t go wrong with the Casio Space dial (pictured), which you can download here and then activate via the app.

In fact, Clockology isn’t just available for the Apple Watch—you can also use it to design and download custom clocks for your desktop, iPhone, or iPad. To discover some of the cool things people have come up with through Clockology, from classic brands like Diesel and Bell & Ross to the retro-inspired Casio you can see above, check out the official subreddit.


The self-proclaimed “Apple Watch Stylist”. Buddywatch is another excellent app to find a new face for your Apple Watch. Buddywatch is well designed and easy to navigate, loading directly onto the home screen where you’ll find the latest additions to the app. As you scroll down the list, you will find a number of options that are not only beautiful watch faces, but also recommendations for the right watch band to match your face. Once you find the Apple Watch band you want to use, click the Download button to take you directly to the Apple Watch app where you can further customize the watch face.

Should you need additional complications to complete the watch face, Buddywatch will direct you to the necessary apps, a nice touch. If you open the search button, you can browse through a variety of ring categories, including Casual, Classy, ​​Health, Sport and Essential, to narrow your search. You can also do the same by watch model, so you can distinguish between what fits the Apple Watch 3 and the larger screens of later Apple Watch models.


Watchfacely is a delight when it comes to finding your next Apple Watch face. Immediately after opening the app, the most popular watch faces of the week are presented. If none of these faces are to your liking, keep scrolling down and you’ll see the latest additions to the app. You can scroll through a handful of faces until you tap “See All,” where a seemingly endless list of options is presented. From country flags to wallpapers to custom Nike watch faces, that’s just a small selection of the kind of faces you can discover.

Last but not least is the Featured Collection, which includes the Simple (Think Minimal) Raise Your Colors option for country flags and Maximize Your Space for richly complicated dials. If you go back to the home screen and look under Popular this week, you can see different hashtags for different watch face categories. As with the “Featured Collection”, there is an option for #compact, #simple, #hustle, #solar, #memoji and many others. With Watchfacely, it’s easy to fall in love with a watch face and stay there for hours until you find the all-important watch face.


With new content added weekly and strong partnerships that will engage you from the start, it’s easy to see why MobyFace has a great reputation. While the app gets all the attention, MobyFace’s website is actually a great place to start, with a series of videos on how to download and install smilies for the Apple Watch. This is an important differentiator that helps separate this app from the others recommended in this list. The fact that it also loads Star Wars and The Mandalorian is another big plus.

If Star Wars isn’t your thing, don’t worry because there’s no shortage of options, including Retro, NASA, Art, Nature, Seasons and other categories. Each of these categories has dozens, if not hundreds, of calling options to choose from. There really is something for everyone. Although a good number of smilies require a small fee of around $1.99 to fully unlock the app, it’s a small price to pay for the number of times you can switch back and forth between different smilies.


From the team that created Facer, the LCARS 2.0 is just one of many extraordinary watch faces available from Little Labs, Inc. Designed for smartwatch-wearing Trekkies, this interactive watch face integrates time, weather, battery and more into the familiar working Star Trek computer. system design. Not a fan of the series? Browse dozens of other options from Little Labs, Inc. to find something more suited to your needs. Designs include everything from subway signs to outer space.


Theme is a smilies developer for Wear OS watches on Google Play with dozens of unique options. Many are tailored, but all share the same basic offering and cost structure. When you choose a watch face, you’ll have access to a number of features in the free version.

You can then pay for the Pro version of that face to get the full suite of features. Some themed faces (like the Jack Daniels theme) can be a bit cheesy, but overall the designs are clean, functional and easy to customize.

Last word

The best watch faces app for smartwatches, Facer is Watch Faces. Facer offers 300.00 free and paid watch faces from well-known companies and independent artists, along with everything else you need to modify and customize your watch. Using our industry-leading Facer Creator tool, you can even create your own watch faces and share them with the world.

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