Best Anime Like Misfit Of Demon King Academy

Best Anime Like Misfit Of Demon King Academy

The great Anos Voldigoad is all-powerful enough to take on many of the infamously overpowered demonic anime characters (and give a few heroes a run for their money), but who else can contend with his epic history?

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Misfit by Demon King Academy is classified as a fantasy adventure with a romantic twist and is arguably in a league of its own when it comes to intricate magical systems and compelling reincarnation plot points. While most Demon King Isekai shows take a relatively comedic approach to life these days (such as The devil is a part-time employee! and Welcome to Demon School!), Anos’ story is quite strict and well thought out, and hits the viewers on a completely different level.


8/8 Politics and preconceptions – Rising of the Shield Hero

Rising of the Shield Hero Naofui and Raphtalia

Apart from his loving parents and a few friends, Anos gets the short end of the stick after his reincarnation as he faces harsh discrimination due to his hybrid bloodline. Similarly, Naofumi Iwatani knows all too well what it’s like to get a raw deal in an Isekai adventure, as he too was deemed unworthy from the start after inheriting the title of Shield Hero in an unwelcoming world.

After an unjustified argument, Naofumi is essentially kicked out Kingdom of Melromarc and left to their own devices, but still expected to gather enough experience to save this strange land from a doomed fate. Fortunately for the shield hero, his powers are stronger than anyone realized, especially when combined with his unconventional harem’s magical abilities.

7/8 Sword and Spellcasting- Bleach

ichigo complete bankai

Beautiful blades don’t always have to be mere tools of destruction and can also add significant value to the overall story, even when magic systems are in play. As Lay Glanzudlii, Anos, and any Shinigami or Espada can attest, the sword one wields (and the corresponding story behind it) can have a significant impact on one’s chances in battle. Having bonus spellwork backup completely changes the game by delivering some surprising curveballs, keeping things spicy and unpredictable.

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Much like the reborn Anos, Ichigo is also a hybrid of sorts, with a powerful mix of powerful lineages running through his veins. Bleach provides an eloquent combination of “hack and kill” with intricate fantasy world building and magical combat, with enough variety to entertain countless fans for decades.

6/8 Solemn tone – Grimgar, ashes and illusions

grimgar anime

Those who are tired of the slapstick way that many Isekai anime are handled, and who appreciate the creepy, dark undertones of Anos’ saga, should take a dip into the Grimgar realm, where survival of the fittest takes on a whole new importance.

While Grimgar, ash and illusions depicts the adventurous side of Isekai (as opposed to Anos wood Demon King Academy)it’s more slow-paced than the typical MMO-inspired action-packed plots and focuses heavily on character development (and awe-inspiring artwork!) Haruhiro and his party discover the hard way that surviving a fantasy world isn’t as glamorous as it’s made out to be, especially when other fighters’ snap judgments leave certain fighters with little support.

5/8 Supernatural Love Triangle – Castlevania

A scene with characters from Castlevania

Anos and the Necron sisters could probably trade notes with Trevor Belmont and his gang, who themselves struggle with a strange power dynamic after transitioning from mortal enemies to allies. Although the object of Sypha Belnades’ affection becomes apparent fairly early on, Alucaurd’s involvement in the whole ordeal complicates things as the male ego struggles to share.

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Regardless of their bickering, this unlikely trio comprise some of the most powerful supernatural forces around, as their strengths perfectly complement each other’s weaknesses. This symbiotic relationship forces a bitter Monster Hunter, a reclusive vampire-hybrid prince, and an overzealous mage to prioritize teamwork and learn to trust others again.

4/8 Reincarnating Iconic Heroes – Fate/Apocrypha (or any type moon)

Fate Apocrypha

Unlike many contemporary Summoned Heroes or modern reincarnations, some series stick to their roots regarding the transmigration of influential, ancient souls into a relatively current setting. The Fate warriors are always ready and waiting to join the Holy Grail War after dying a noble death many moons ago, with unfinished business to attend to (and an important wish to fulfill).

Fate/Apocrypha brings some iconic characters into the mix (arguably with as much name-dropping power as the Demon King), such as Astolfo, Frankenstein, Artemis, Joan of Arc, and even Jack the Ripper. Each reborn hero is surrounded by incredible abilities and unimaginable strength, each forming part of an integrated system in the ancient war between Red and Black.

3/8 Romantic Adventure- Re: Zero- Starting Life in Another World

Re Zero Season 2 Promotional Image

The teaser of the romantic potential between Anos and Misha (and Sasha) is more of a subtle subplot in Season 1 of Misfit by Demon King Academy; But the significance of their relationship becomes clearer later. Likewise, Re: Zero provides a successful balance between romance and action to satisfy several different appetites at once.

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Although Subaru Natsuki’s world has been completely turned upside down, the young adventurer is more concerned with Emilia’s well-being than his own, putting his life on the line (on several occasions) to protect his lover. Overwhelmed handsome men defending their equally powerful (but still in need) damsels in a supernatural setting provides enough exciting content to entertain everyone!

2/8 Intricate Magic System – Parallel World Pharmacy

Parallel World Pharmacy Magical System Falma, Eléonore Bonnefoi, Panactheos, Crunchyroll, Pharmacy Isekai

Although Misfit of Demon King Academy’s magic system is explored more in depth in the light novel, the anime gives a good indication of the complexity of the reincarnation process and paranormal power structures. Falma de Médicis is well aware of the weighty responsibility of being reincarnated by one of the most powerful beings in creation, Panacteos, the god of medicine. However, he rises to the challenge with almost as much aplomb as the Demon King of Tyranny, and similarly causes quite a stir in the San Fleuve Empire.

Using their past life knowledge is very beneficial to Anos and Falma as it gives them the upper hand on the course of events, although the young pharmacist takes a much more scientific approach to his problem solving. Breaking the barrier between the social class system is also a priority for Falma, while ensuring a fair distribution of resources in the process.

1/8 Intellectual benefits – How a realistic hero rebuilt the kingdom

How a realistic hero rebuilt the kingdom - Souma sits on his throne with Liscia by his side

While most did not expect Anos to actually “lead the revolution into a new era,” High hopes are placed on Kazuya Souma, who is involuntarily summoned to Elfrieden to save a group of strangers. The war between demons, humans and everyone in between has put a heavy strain on the political system, both in Ano’s and Souma’s case, which remains to pick up the pieces.

Fortunately, these boys are incredibly intelligent and not easily intimidated by trickery, and they gain recognition for their overpowered abilities relatively quickly (although the hero’s ascension to the throne was significantly faster!) Magical girls also drop in to steal the limelight and add . his own sense of realistic reconstruction, and deliver some much-appreciated fan service in the process.

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