Beginner’s Tips for Dave The Diver

Beginner’s Tips for Dave The Diver

Have you ever wanted to run a sushi shop and work as a diver at the same time? IN Dave the diverplayers assume the role of the titular character, who is pushed to dive for fish in the local Blue Hole as well as run the Bancho Sushi restaurant in the evenings.

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Dave the diver has something of a learning curve too; diving too deep can see players run out of oxygen and die, losing all but one of the items they have salvaged in the Blue Hole. With this in mind, these beginner tips should help beginners adapt to the game in no time.


10/10 Upgrade Dave’s diving suit and weapons

Dave the diver on the boat about to dive

Players can use the gold earned from the profits at the Bancho Sushi restaurant to purchase various upgrades for the diving suit and weapons. Doing so is a crucial part of making progress in Dave the diver – Not only does it allow players to dive further and deeper, but it also enables them to defend themselves more effectively against the Blue Hole’s more sinister inhabitants.

Being able to spend more time diving in the Blue Hole also makes it more likely for players to find treasure chests and rarer, more valuable types of fish to sell at Bancho Sushi. So, newbies to the game should definitely prioritize upgrading their gear in the game ASAP.

9/10 If players die, they should choose the item they keep carefully

dove the diver near the bottom of the blue hole

When players die in Dave the diverwill they only be able to keep one of the possibly many items they found or acquired while diving that day in the Blue Hole.

Because of this, choosing the right item to keep after death is absolutely crucial. Players should consider whether they would benefit from keeping a particular fish that is part of a best-selling dish on their menu at Bancho Sushi, or whether it would be more worthwhile to keep some treasures they have found. Think carefully about what item you want to keep after death before committing to it.

8/10 Use Dave’s phone to maximize productivity

dave the diver harpoons fish

Dave’s cell phone in Dave the diver is full of useful apps and features to help players maximize their success in the game. Players can contact Dave’s friends, who can give him tips and pointers on what tasks or goals he needs to complete on a given day.

In addition, the email and to-do apps are handy for gathering information about the various fish available in the tropical Blue Hole. As players progress through the game, they unlock the iDiver app, which Dave can use to upgrade his gear – crucial to getting the most out of the game.

7/10 Learn how to pour the perfect cup of green tea

diver dave works at bansho sushi

Green tea is an absolute cash cow in Dave the diver, as long as players are able to learn how to use it effectively. The amount of gold Dave earns for a cup of green tea is actually based on how well it is poured – cups that are too full or not full enough are worth far less than a perfectly poured cup.

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Pouring green tea doesn’t take much time either, so it’s a great way to maximize the amount of gold you get for a night of service at Bancho Sushi. Practicing pouring green tea until the players can do it perfectly is well worth the effort.

diver dave works at bansho sushi

Learning how to properly fill out the menu for an evening of service at Bancho Sushi is essential to making as much gold as possible at the restaurant. A more varied menu with a wider variety of dishes and rarer types of fish will bring Dave a far greater profit than a meager selection of a few types of fish.

As such, players should carefully build each night’s menu around the widest possible selection of dishes, paying particular attention to rarer, heavier fish. Players who do this should collect their gold in no time!

5/10 Don’t dive too deep into the early game

Dave the diver gets bitten by a shark

When players have just started Dave the diver, they will be quite limited in terms of the weapons and equipment they can use to defend themselves. The deeper players dive into the Blue Hole, the deadlier the creatures they encounter.

As such, players in the early stages of the game should be careful about diving deeper than they are ready for. Ideally, players should wait until they’ve completed a series of missions and unlocked some better gear before attempting to dive into the darker, deeper parts of the Blue Hole.

4/10 Keep a close eye on the oxygen level when diving

Dave the diver dives near corals

As is probably expected, players only have access to a limited amount of oxygen when diving in the Blue Hole. Run out of this and Dave will die. While this is not a game-ending scenario, players will lose most of the progress and items they have acquired for the given dive day.

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So players should make sure to keep a close eye on their oxygen levels while diving in the Blue Hole. Taking too many risks is also not recommended – it is almost always better to return to the sparkling surface too soon rather than too late.

3/10 Find out what are the best sellers at the restaurant

Dave the diver dives near corals

Without a doubt one of the things that do Dave the diver so rewarding is that the game doesn’t do much handheld. An example of this is the top sellers at Bancho Sushi – after each night of service, a statistics screen will appear highlighting which item on the menu Dave sold the most of.

However, the game does not tell players where to find more of these items or whether or not they will consistently be a top seller. As such, players should keep track of their best-selling menu items, as well as good sources of the ingredients used in each best-selling dish.

2/10 Choose your Sushi Shop employees carefully

Dave the diver dives into the abyss

One thing players will learn while running Bancho Sushi is that the different employees that Dave can play as have different strengths and weaknesses. Put together a strong enough team and Dave can more or less handle every service other than performing important tasks like pouring green tea for customers.

Of course, players who enjoy the Bancho Sushi minigame can take a more active role in each service. However, building out the ideal team for the dishes that players plan to serve is a crucial part of earning the most gold.

1/10 Keep an eye out for treasure when diving

dave the diver harpoons fish

Fish aren’t the only thing found in the Blue Hole; in fact, there are actually a number of treasure chests that Dave can come across that are filled with various goods and items.

Some of these treasure chests are quite hidden, so players may have to keep an eye out and even explore a bit to find them all. However, it’s definitely worth the effort, as some of these chests contain some pretty incredible treasures. Players struggling to find treasure chests should look for their yellow lures.

Dave the diver is now available for Windows via Steam Early Access.

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