Bayonetta 3 patch 1.2.0 official notes: Gameplay changes, bug fixes and more

Bayonetta 3 patch 1.2.0 official notes: Gameplay changes, bug fixes and more

About three months after its release, Bayonetta 3 has finally received a major update. The version 1.2.0 update introduces notable tweaks to the core gameplay and combat experience. These range from adjustments to chapter layouts from an in-game balance and combat refinement perspective, to more traditional bug fixes.

It’s clear that the development team aims to improve the acclaimed hack-and-slash title. Interested in knowing what developer PlatinumGames has brought to the table? The article below will provide a complete overview of the update.

Bayonetta 3 version 1.2.0 complete patch notes detailed

I hear the new Bayonetta 3 patch fixed Viola gameplaySlay

The first batch of changes has to do with the brand new playable character Viola. She will see the following match adjustments:

  • Adjusted Viola’s “Block” activation window and Witch Time activation conditions.
  • Block activation window added after release of Block (during the release animation).
  • Added an additional animation when Witch Time takes effect, making the activation easier to realize.
  • The allotted duration of Witch Time and the activation window have been extended.
  • Now, when the block is activated when the player is attacked, the player will receive damage effect, but the block will succeed and activate Witch Time.
  • Now the combo can continue (with Dodge Offset) when the player uses Block to activate Witch Time.
  • If the block input is used repeatedly, the allocated witch time will be reduced.
  • Adjustments made to prevent Viola’s evasion trick and Cheshire’s summon trick from activating Assault Slave while maintaining invincibility if used in quick succession.
  • Weapons “Simoon”, “Tartarus”, and Viola’s Charge Attacks can now continue to hold their charge, even if dodged or blocked.
  • Wink Slave can be activated from the combinations “PKP” and “PKK” for the weapons “G-Pillar”, “Dead End Express” and “Cassiopeia” (Note that P is for Punch, and K is Kick).
  • When equipping the accessories “Infernal Communicator” and “Pulley’s Butterfly” to summon devils and butterflies, it is now possible to interrupt the summoning movement by dodging or blocking.
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All of these changes should make Viola a more enjoyable character to play for those who find her movements difficult to get used to. She functions very differently from the main character Bayonetta, in the sense that she is armed with a katana.

Additionally, unlike Bayonetta’s dodge, she must parry attacks to initiate Witch Time instead, with this mechanic allowing players to temporarily slow down time and inflict additional punishment on enemies. Although Viola lacks the transformations of the older, iconic Umbran Witch, she still has a grappling hook over chasms to cross and is able to deal damage from a distance using magic arrows.

A closer look at changes to the game

The update’s second set of changes involves the Niflheim challenge missions and general game modes. The following Niflheim stage conditions have been changed to reduce the degree of difficulty:

Niflheim Scene Changed conditions
Chapter 2 Verse 5 (Random for Expert) 120 second time limit changed to 150 second time limit
Chapter 3 Verse 4 (Random for Expert) Two lives increased to three lives
Chapter 5 Verse 2 (Random for Expert) 150 second time limit changed to 180 second time limit
Chapter 6 verse 8 (random for expert) Two lives increased to three lives
Chapter 9 verse 8 (random to expert) 60 second time limit changed to 80 second time limit
Chapter 10 Verse 1 (Random to Expert) 140 second time limit changed to 160 second time limit
Chapter 12 verse 5 (random to expert) One life increased to two lives

Game Modes:

  • The conditions for obtaining the “Tricolor Keys” needed to unseal the “Old Picture Book” have been made easier.
  • “Tricolored Keys” will automatically be available on the chapter selection screen when it becomes possible to access “Gates of Hell.”
  • Even if the player already has access to the Gates of Hell, or has already received one or two keys, they will automatically receive the remaining keys when they go to the chapter selection screen after the update is applied.
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  • Adjustments have been made to the Golem treasure chests found in stages.
  • The time limits have been increased, and the degree of difficulty has been reduced.
  • Golem Chest fragmenting animation can now fast forward with the B button.
  • Adjustments have been made to reduce situations with poor camera visibility.
  • Adjusted game balance.

In general, these changes are expected to make the gameplay more manageable for players who are not used to a hack and slash game by giving them more leeway in terms of performing actions or simply reducing restrictions.

What bug fixes have been introduced?

Bayonetta 3 Niflheim bug 🐛#Bayonetta3 Lost my first pure platinum from Grace and Glory over this. I still love the Bayonetta series.

While PlatinumGames titles have been consistently polished, especially those intended for a single-target platform like the Nintendo Switch, we’ll likely see continued tweaks to further refine the game. Bayonetta 3 sees the following bug fixes with the latest 1.2.0 update:

  • Fixed a bug in verse 5 of chapter 7 that prevented progress when certain actions were taken while controlling Cheshire.
  • Fixed an issue with the “Hymn of Durga” accessory where the effect was not applied to some attacks.
  • Fixed an issue where using Alruna’s “Bondage Whip (P or K* long press)” skill in certain situations would cause enemies to die instantly.
  • Fixed an issue where using the weapons “Crow Within” (J* long press)” with “Scarborough Fair” and “Love is Blue” would cause the player to move significantly forward under certain conditions.
  • Fixed an issue where Bayonetta’s animations would not play correctly when switching weapons immediately after using “Crow Within (J* long press)” with the “Scarborough Fair” and “Love is Blue” weapons.
  • Fixed a bug that caused “Black Pearl Rain (Rotate L stick + S*)” for Infernal Demon “Kraken” to trigger “Wink Slave” with abnormally high attack power.
  • Fixed a bug that caused “Devil Rodin” to get stuck for a while when using “After Burner Kick (↑K* in midair)” continuously, immediately after getting up with a previous “After Burner Kick (J・K *).”
  • Fixed a bug where Viola’s attack slave was able to summon infernal demons in “Infernal Demon Forbidden Areas.”
  • Fixed an error in the hand symbol seen in Cutie J’s transformation sequence visible in the Side Chapter.
  • Fixed other issues to make the game more enjoyable to play.
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It should be noted that P is Punch, K is Kick, S is Shoot and J is Jump.

Updating Bayonetta 3 to the latest version

Updating Bayonetta 3 on your Nintendo Switch console is a simple process and can be completed by following these steps:

  • Make sure your Nintendo Switch console is connected to the internet
  • On the Home menu, highlight the Bayonetta 3 game icon
  • Click the “+” icon on your Joycon or Nintendo Switch Pro controller
  • Then select Software Update, followed by Via Internet
  • Once the update is downloaded, players should notice that the game’s version number has changed as reflected on the title screen

Bayonetta 3 is exclusively available on the Nintendo Switch hybrid console and was officially released on October 28, 2022.

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