“Bayonetta 3” brings an enchanting hack-and-slash sequel – The Oswegonian

“Bayonetta 3” brings an enchanting hack-and-slash sequel – The Oswegonian

Closing a long eight-year gap since its last release, the “Bayonetta” series has returned in full force with its third title, aptly named “Bayonetta 3.” Maintaining its predecessors’ high-octane, over-the-top action and dark, campy charm, while carrying some fresh mechanics of its own, this third game makes for a strong entry in the franchise, even if it’s not the best to date .

Throwing its hat into the worn-out modern media multiverse ring, “Bayonetta 3” finds the titular weapon witch (Jennifer Hale, “No More Heroes III”) traversing multiple alternate dimensions as she fights to thwart a man-made enemy’s world-ending goals. While it may be a new departure from the series’ previous narratives, some players may find the story difficult to follow due to frequent world jumps and sometimes abrupt transitions within levels. Prolonged cut-scenes can also be a turn-off for those looking for even more fast-paced gameplay, despite the eye candy and story progression they provide.

In terms of gameplay, “Bayonetta 3” preserves the series’ core hack-and-slash gameplay. Thus, players are able to take on enemies in dynamic, bloody battles that are sure to please skilled players and button mashers alike. New to the game is the “Demon Slave” mechanic, which allows players to take control of Bayonetta’s Infernal Demons, large monsters seen in previous games, as well as new creatures exclusive to the sequel. While the inclusion of this new feature allows for more unique combat options and combos, an off-kilter camera and the demons’ sluggish movements make it somewhat tiring to use in certain situations.

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With Infernal Demon’s inclusion also comes the option of different weapons and skills designed to suit a variety of playstyles. By progressing through the story and then playing as each of Bayonetta’s variants, players can unlock new combat items that have their own unique skills, movesets, and abilities. Each weapon also comes with the benefit of giving players a unique dash move and special jump, thus providing their own distinct benefits that can each serve a purpose at different moments throughout the game.

Although it still showcases some of the series’ iconic dark, gothic imagery, “Bayonetta 3” is notably lighter both aesthetically and tonally. This new look allows the game to showcase some strikingly beautiful animation, especially throughout its many different landscapes that range from mysterious, mountainous terrain to the streets of Tokyo. However, its garish nature and teal and white enemies feel somewhat off compared to the dark tone established by previous “Bayonetta” titles, making this sequel stick out like a sore thumb in some ways, despite the overall visuals aesthetically speaking. joyful nature.

Despite its minor flaws, “Bayonetta 3” is an overall exciting, worthy addition to the popular hack-and-slash game series. While its predecessors may be hard to top both in terms of quality gameplay and storytelling, the visually stunning sequel’s fresh ideas and exciting battles make it relatively enthralling in its own right.

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