Batman: Arkham or Gotham Knights

Batman: Arkham or Gotham Knights

Batgirl appears in both the Batman: Arkham series and Gotham Knights, but one version of Gotham’s greatest heroine stands out next to the other.

Batgirl plays a prominent role in both Gotham Knights and Batman: Arkham series, but one version of Barbara Gordon is much deeper and more unique to control than the other. Rocksteady’s epic trilogy of Batman games features a number of heroic supporting characters, including Barbara Gordon as Oracle and the always jovial Nightwing. But, Gotham Knights focuses much more closely on these sidekicks as they step up to defend Gotham after the Dark Knight’s death. Batgirl is a playable hero in both series, but one title does the heroine more justice than the other.


Each installment in Batman: Arkham series features Barbara Gordon in a prominent role, although she only becomes playable as Batgirl in Arkham Knight DLC. In Rocksteady’s first two games, she instead serves as Batman’s loyal liaison and technology expert Oracle, an identity she adopts after being paralyzed at the hands of the Joker. The Prequel Adventure Arkham Origins, meanwhile, sowing the seeds of Barbara’s future superhero career by having her assist Batman in an investigation. Batgirl has finally become a playable hero Batman: Arkham Knight DLC A question about familywhich makes her available in both challenge maps and a robust prequel story.

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Gotham Knights makes Batgirl feel unique to control

Gotham Knight's Batgirl signal

While Barbara Gordon plays a key role throughout Batman: Arkham series, Gotham Knights allowing players to embody Batgirl for the entire open world experience. Gotham Knights giving Batgirl acrobatic combat, unique skills and distinct gadgets that help set her apart from the rest of the Bat Family roster. In battle, Batgirl is fast and agile, with the Perfect Evade skill allowing her to deliver powerful follow-up attacks if she dodges at the opportune moment. Her four skill trees allow players to further customize Batgirl by turning her into a ferocious brawler, taking advantage of her technological expertise and allowing her to summon a drone for help in battle.

Batgirl is essential to Batman’s success in the Arkham games

Batgirl battles the Joker's goons in Batman Arkham Knight

The version of Batgirl featured in the Batman: Arkham series is crucial to Batman’s success, but playing as the tough hero feels far more unique in the Gotham Knights. The Arkham Batgirl is actually only playable in Arkham Knightand in the DLC she fights and travels just like Batman outside of her unique hacker device. Gotham Knights Batgirl, meanwhile, has four skill trees that make her feel completely different from Robin, Nightwing, and Red Hood. Character-specific scenes also spotlight Barbara Gordon’s distinct character arc as she deals with both Batman’s death and the loss of her father, Jim Gordon.

The Batman: Arkham the series highlights the strength and skills of Oracle but Gotham Knights delivers a much more robust version of Barbara Gordon as Batgirl. With unique skill trees and story moments, Batgirl in Gotham Knights can feel like the star of the show to those who choose to control her. She has a unique traversal method and original skill trees that perfectly match her training at the hands of Batman, along with her expertise in both martial arts and technology. Meanwhile, the version of Batgirl is playable in Batman: Arkham Knight feels more like a reskin of the Caped Crusader himself.

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