Banxa integrates with the ZenGo wallet to offer a secure, self-sustaining onramp option to exchanges

Banxa integrates with the ZenGo wallet to offer a secure, self-sustaining onramp option to exchanges

With all eyes on centralized exchanges after the collapse of Celsius, Voyager and now FTX, ZenGo and Banxa have partnered to enable the most simple and reliable crypto ramp directly into the industry’s most secure crypto wallet without private key vulnerability. This partnership will enable a Banxa-powered, frictionless and secure payment experience for ZenGo’s 700,000+ users across 150+ jurisdictions.

Banxa now becomes the on-ramp provider of choice, allowing ZenGo users to securely purchase crypto using the widest range of global and local payment methods.

Within just a few minutes of any crypto purchase, the customer’s digital assets will arrive and be protected by ZenGo’s industry-leading MPC security infrastructure. ZenGo is accessible to users of all backgrounds and experience levels, as the wallets require no prior knowledge of crypto to use and include live 24/7 in-app support. Banxa also provides a quick and easy KYC process for ZenGo’s users and full compliance management.

“Banxa is thrilled to partner with a pioneering company like ZenGo that places such a premium on security, which is now more important than ever,” said Banxa CEO Holger Arians. “Banxa’s mission is to provide a more accessible means of global and local payment options, and I am confident that ZenGo users will reap the benefits of seamless and secure digital asset transactions.”

ZenGo is the first consumer-focused Web3 crypto wallet powered by multiparty computation (MPC), providing guaranteed account recovery, no seed phrase vulnerability, and a built-in web3 firewall. In April 2022, ZenGo became the first multi-chain Web3 crypto wallet with account phishing protection and seamless wallet recovery, deploying their ClearSign web3 firewall to industry acclaim.

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Banxa serves more than 100 million users through major crypto exchanges, wallets and DeFi apps. Banxa provides risk and compliance regulatory services and is supported by 80 different coins and chains, which continues to grow through its rich partner network. Partners include industry heavyweights such as Binance, KuCoin, dYdX, OKX and other emerging Web3 companies.

The partnership will launch with a 0% purchase promotion for new users up to $200 USD, and a 0.1% fee on stablecoin purchases via bank transfer.

Banxa’s mission is to accelerate the world to Web3 with its leading global on-and-off ramp solutions. Through its extensive network of local payment solutions together with the necessary crypto licenses, Banxa gives its partners and projects access to global audiences with less friction and higher conversions. Banxa has a global team of Web3 natives – headquartered in the US, Europe and APAC regions.

About ZenGo
ZenGo is the next generation wallet for securing crypto: more secure than a hardware wallet, more reliable than an exchange. ZenGo has never been hacked, thanks to guaranteed account recovery, no seed phrase vulnerability and a built-in Web3 firewall. Enjoy 24/7 in-app customer support and join over 700,000 users to buy, store and shop.

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