Bango launches new research showing that 72% of consumers believe there are “too many” subscription services to choose from

Bango launches new research showing that 72% of consumers believe there are “too many” subscription services to choose from

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78% of subscribers require one app to manage all their subscriptions, including TV, music, games, fitness and more

CAMBRIDGE, United Kingdom, Nov. 21, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Nearly three-quarters of subscription users (72%) say there are “too many” subscription services available today. To solve the problem, 78% want a single platform to manage all their subscriptions (TV, music, games, fitness, etc.). Despite feeling overloaded with options, 63% of subscribers say they would pay for more subscriptions if they came as part of a centralized “superbundle”.

It is according to a new research study from Bango. Based on data from 2,500 consumers currently paying for subscription services.

Overwhelmed with subscriptions

According to the survey, the average subscriber pays for five different subscriptions each month, while one in five (19%) pays for eight or more. These services not only include video streaming, but also include games, music, exercise, meal kits and more.

Almost half of the subscribers (45%) say they find it difficult to keep track of where and how they have registered for these subscriptions. A third (35%) have no idea how much they spend in total each month, while 34% say they currently pay for a subscription service that theynever use’.

This does not only cost the subscribers money. It also affects their experiences and attitudes towards the subscription economy as a whole.

A bad subscriber experience

While many subscribers are frustrated that they can’t access all the content they want in one place, Bango’s research also highlights a broader frustration with managing multiple services, accessing accounts and paying bills.


The biggest frustrations listed by subscribers include:

  1. Manage and update personal data (48%)
  2. Access to accounts across multiple devices (47%)
  3. Paying bills (43%)
  4. Cancel subscriptions (43%)
  5. Renewal of contracts and subscriptions (42%)

Faced with these challenges, many consumers avoid the admin involved in subscriptions, with 39% of respondents using online piracy to get the user experience they want.

Multiple subscriptions. Less admin.

Despite the claim that there are “too many” subscription services, Bango’s study argues that consumers don’t want less choice, they just want a better, more unified experience.

According to the data, more than three-quarters of subscribers (78%) want a single platform to manage all their subscriptions. 77% also want to be able to pay for multiple subscriptions (spanning TV, music, games and more) via one monthly bill. 79% also believe that having all their subscriptions in one place will help them manage their household expenses in the face of the cost of living crisis.

As Anil Malhotra, co-founder of Bango explains, “Subscription users don’t want less choice, they want less admin. They’re tired of managing more services, more accounts and paying more bills. What’s needed isn’t fewer subscription services, it’s a way to bring all these subscriptions together. We need to focus on creating all-in-one solutions that give users the best prices, offer flexibility in terms of bills and put subscribers first.”

Offer on demand – Build all-in-one subscriptions

When it comes to building this solution, Bango believes that a new ‘Offers on Demand’ technology is the answer. This technology works as an ecosystem of subscription offers and deals spanning Netflix, ESPN, Prime, YouTube, Peloton, Audible, Dropbox, Xbox and more.

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‘Superbundles’ such as Australia’s SubHub already use Offers on Demand technology, while US players such as Verizon +play also bundle services to create differentiated offers and bundles.

Anil Malhotra described Bango Resale – Bango’s own Offers on Demand technology – “We like to think of Bango Resale as a ‘digital vending machine’ full of every imaginable subscription offer. Telephone companies, TV providers and other large enterprises can connect the machine, stock it with the subscriptions their customers want, and then offer the best combinations and deals as part of a standard monthly bill.”

To view Bango’s research data or to find out more about Offers on Demand technology, read the full study at


Bango’s research study (“The subscription wars, the subscriber strikes back”) was conducted via 3Gem, an independent research agency. The survey includes data from 2,500 US consumers who currently pay for subscription services.

About Bango

Bango is the standard platform chosen by leading global stores to deliver mobile payments to everyone. As the next billion consumers adopt their first smartphone and look for universal payment methods, Bango will be there to unlock a world of apps, video, music, games and other content that bring these smartphones to life. Global stores connecting to the Bango platform include Amazon, Google, Samsung and Microsoft. Bango also partners with leading payment providers worldwide to generate new users and revenue through its industry-leading mobile payment solutions. For more information, visit

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