Bangalore-based mobile-first digital agency is set to meet client’s marketing goals by 2023

Bangalore-based mobile-first digital agency is set to meet client’s marketing goals by 2023

New Delhi [India], Dec 21 (ANI/QIMN): There are 300,000 media houses and marketing consultants around the world, growing at 4.8 percent year-on-year. Identifying the right media partner with the hands-on expertise, industry knowledge and capabilities to build content, strategize, plan distribution and manage end-to-end execution, measurement and optimization is key to your company’s success.

The changing digital landscape

In the last 20 years, traditional and digital marketing have quadrupled their importance in any business value chain. Back then it was all about branding and information, today it’s also about experience, sales, retention, repetition and advocacy.

With the onset of digital marketing, brands today use approx. USD 137 million in a single marketing campaign due to its global reach, unified experience, influence and ability to build customer relationships and drive business revenue, all without borders.

But the competition is not far. Digitization has leveled the playing field for many, which means that your customers pay attention not only to you, but to several others. Think about this-

– Google receives 99,000 searches per second, close to 8.5 billion searches per day.

– 90 percent of websites get literally zero traffic from Google.

– 78 percent of online marketers say content creation is the most effective way to reach the right audience.

– 67 percent of web visitors only click on the 3-5 best results displayed.

– 90 percent of marketing emails go straight into spam and unsubscribe, but for every $1 spent on email marketing, there’s a $44 return on investment.

– Mobile apps are expected to generate over USD 935 billion in revenue by 2023

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– The Apple App Store has 1.96 million apps available for download.

A scalable technology and marketing stack helps you achieve many things at once. Personal customization, audience targeting and retargeting, all lead to better openings, clicks and engagements.

Social proof such as customer recommendations, user-generated content, case studies and customer reviews influence 70 percent of purchase decisions. By observing consumption patterns, it is easier to work with parts that the audience finds more engaging and valuable.

Many SMBs also seem to rely on proven marketing tactics to increase awareness, influence buyers and build customer support. Analyst and influencer marketing is one of the fastest ways to reach millions of audiences in the blink of an eye and create instant brand value, stickiness and consideration. Also, consumers trust influencer/analyst-created content.

As they emerge from the pandemic, more and more traditional brands are seeing the power of doing business virtually and without losing trust and transparency. While everything happens digitally, one cannot ignore the fact that we live in a highly data-driven world.

Data-driven marketing results in a five to eight times return on investment on campaign spend. Being data first also means better planning cycles, execution efficiency, and easily achieving scale.

But before you start conceptualizing and building your marketing strategy, there are two questions that will help you set the scene right,

– What do you want to achieve with your marketing programs?

– What prevents you from achieving it?

An experienced partner can enable you to decode the above questions.

Cubikey is the fastest growing mobile-first digital agency with experience in consulting, implementing, managing and delivering world-class marketing strategy, planning and execution. Cubikey can nudge you in the right direction, help you scale your core business and uncover your next bold milestone.

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Karunakaran Naidu – CMO and co-founder of Cubikey.

An active Digital Practitioner and SME with 17+ years of work experience in digital marketing, digital strategy, digital media and People Management for B2B and B2C Multi-Channel companies. Proven experience working with marketing tools including email, Salesforce Pardot, web analytics, CRM and digital marketing platforms.

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