Bandai Namco confirms it has been hacked and says it is investigating damage

Bandai Namco confirms it has been hacked and says it is investigating damage

Bandai Namco has confirmed claims that its servers have been hacked and confidential information obtained.

Earlier this week, a ransomware group called ALPHV claimed to have “ransomed Bandai Namco”, suggesting they had obtained confidential files.

Now, in a statement given to VGC, the Pac-Man, Tekken and Dark Souls publisher has confirmed that it was indeed hacked.

“On July 3, 2022, Bandai Namco Holdings Inc. confirmed that it experienced unauthorized third-party access to the internal systems of several group companies in Asian regions (excluding Japan),” the statement read.

“After we confirmed the unauthorized access, we have taken measures such as blocking access to the servers to prevent the damage from spreading.

“In addition, there is a possibility that customer information related to the toy and hobby business in Asian regions (excluding Japan) was included on the servers and PCs, and we are currently identifying the status of the existence of the leak, the extent of the damage, and investigating the cause .

“We will continue to investigate the cause of this incident and will disclose the investigation results as appropriate. We will also work with external organizations to strengthen security throughout the group and take measures to prevent recurrence.

“We offer our sincere apologies to all involved for any complications or concerns caused by this incident.”

In accordance vx-undergroundwhich bills itself as the largest collection of malware source code, samples and papers on the internet, the ALPHV ransomware group claimed to have ransomed Bandai Namco on Monday.

Bandai Namco confirms it has been hacked and says it is investigating damage
In a separate issue for Bandai Namco, the servers for the PC versions of the Dark Souls series have been down for over 5 months now due to a major security exploit

Ransomware is a type of malicious software used by cybercriminals to extort money from victims. Perpetrators will often block the victim’s access to their own data by encrypting their files and threatening to release them publicly unless a ransom is paid.

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This is the latest in a series of data leaks and hacks that have involved notable game publishers in recent years.

Cyberpunk and Witcher studio CD Projekt Red suffered a ransomware attack last year, allegedly at the hands of a group called HelloKitty.

Data stolen from the company was reportedly leaked online in June 2021, including the source code for Cyberpunk 2077 and The Witcher 3, and possibly employee details as well.

Electronic Arts also suffered a significant data breach last year in which hackers stole the source code for FIFA 21 and the company’s Frostbite engine.