Argentina v Mexico: World Cup 2022 – live | WC 2022

Argentina v Mexico: World Cup 2022 – live |  WC 2022

Key events

48 min The referee ignores a Lautaro Martinez dive and Mexico time out. Lozano cuts inside and hits a long shot that is blocked.

46 min Beep beep! Argentina begins the second half. If it stays that way, they will need to beat Poland by at least two goals to be sure of reaching the last 16. And Mexico will need to beat Saudi Arabia on any scoreline to advance.

Your nominations for people who did came out on top Rocky Marciano, Steffi Graf, Bjorn Borg, Pete Sampras, Shane Warne, Glenn McGrath, Didier Deschamps, Garry Kasparov, Basil Fawlty.

“First half in summary” writes Richard Byrne.

“I have a rough and clear way of judging which team is on top by adding the attempts on and off goal and the corners, and then subtracting the errors, says Richard Hirst. “I think this is the first time I’ve ever known that both teams have a negative total.”

“I bought a new 65 inch television to watch this bullshit,” says Paul. “This game has put my wife and cat to sleep.”

Fifa has some nerve to schedule a World Cup during Black Friday.

“Mexico plays five at the back when Argentina have the ball and two defensive midfielders in front of it, it gives Messi no space to run into and forces him deeper, says Rick McGahey. “Martino knows his opponent.”

There’s no eye in the Mexican needle, that’s for sure. I’m surprised Argentina haven’t looked for their full-backs more.

Half-time reading

Half time: Argentina 0-0 Mexico

It was probably the worst 45 minutes of the tournament, but the excitement and importance of the game made it must see TV. There was only one shot on target, a free kick from the lively Alexis Vega that was comfortably saved by Emi Martinez. See you soon in the second half.

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Argentina v Mexico: World Cup 2022 – live |  WC 2022
A first half in summary. Photo: Ronald Wittek/EPA

45+6 min Di Maria passes it to Messi, who plays in the overlapping left-back Acuna. He hammers in a dangerous low cross that is put behind at the near post. It was good defense, although I’m not sure who dunnit.

45+5 min Vega crushes a half-volley into the lane from about 25 metres. He is a confident boy.

45+3 min “This game,” says Chris Holborn, “reminds me of West Ham under David Moyes this season except for the sombreros.”

There’s more of a fedora culture at the London Stadium, it’s not there.

45+2 min Messi reminds us of his presence by, er, decaying Gutierrez. He looks thoroughly hacked.

45+2 “If we’re talking about people who have gone out on top, is Ash Barty a shoo-in?” writes Charan. “Winning a grand slam and then retiring at the grand old age of 25 is probably the way to do it.”

45+1 min There will be five minutes of extra excitement.

45 min Vega curls a good free-kick over the wall and Emi Martinez flies to the right to make a rather majestic – and camera-friendly – ​​two-handed catch.

43 min Substitute Gutierrez is brought down 25 yards from goal by Montiel, who receives a yellow card. It was an absurd tackle, an agricultural hair to the calf as Gutierrez first got to a loose ball.

41 min: Mexico substitution Ah, this is sad. Andreas Guardado, who has played in all the World Cups since 2006, retires with an injury. He has been replaced by Erick Gutierrez.

41 min The corner is taken short to Di Maria, whose inswinging cross is headed miserably high and wide by Lautaro Martinez. He had been penalized for a push so it wouldn’t count, but it was a poor header.

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40 min Montiel’s cross goes behind for a corner. Since you asked, Messi hasn’t done anything, but really that applies to all the attacking players. Lozano has looked pretty bright for Mexico; it’s about that.

39 min “Regarding the 9th minute, really, who comes out on top?” says Travis Giblin. “I would nominate Zidane, but maybe that wasn’t quite the definition of ‘top’ that Nick Parmenter is looking for.

That’s fascinatingly rare in all sports. Even utter geniuses like Don Bradman, Usain Bolt and Phil Taylor couldn’t do it.

Zidane wins the David Chase award for best finish on my terms.

37 min Watch 27 min, except for the bit about the cross. It is garbage.

36 min Lisandro Martinez goes down and holds his face. This time, for good reason: Lozano accidentally booted him in the jaw. Teak-tough 5ft 9ins defender that he is, Martinez may well continue.

34 min Messi swings it under the crossbar, where Ochoa hits the ball into the air. He goes for the second ball, feels some contact from a Martinez, don’t ask me which one, and goes down. It was probably a mistake to be fair.

I just realized that Ochoa is dressed like a Nathan Barley character.

Guillermo Ochoa
All Mexico. Photo: Ronald Wittek/EPA

33 min De Paul is brought down by Vega on the right wing, close to the corner flag. Messi wanders away to get involved…

32 min I can’t wait to hear Roy Keane’s take on this at half-time. He’ll reach for the sh word, and I don’t mean shithousery.

31 min Nothing happens. It’s a great occasion just let down by football.

29 min “Just want to remind all Argentina fans that if Argentina draw this match, they will definitely face the French in the round of 16,” writes Anis Aslaam. “That’s assuming they can defeat Poland first.”

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Good point. Maybe, as Zafar wrote in the 23rd minute, it’s 2018 again.

28 min Messi heads miles over from Acuna’s cross, but it wouldn’t have counted as Acuna had already been penalized for putting his studs into Alvarez’s leg. It was accidental, me Think that.

28 min The player of the match so far is this little rascal.

27 min Kevin Alvarez hoovers a cross straight out of play. In terms of quality and entertainment, this is rubbish. In terms of excitement and importance, it is exquisite.

26 min “This,” says Alexandra Fullerton, “is like seeing Costa Rica…”

CR7, as they are now known.

25 min After good play from Messi and De Paul (I think), Montiel’s first-time cross goes wide of the far post. He was offside anyway.

23 min “Could it be that Argentina are simply not very good?” Zafar says. “This is very similar to the 2018 team.”

It actually could, although I guess the 2018 team didn’t go 35 games without a loss. They haven’t looked good so far, that’s for sure; their demise has been particularly bad.

22 min Araujo is booked for a lunge on Acuna. He got the ball but followed up, bounced up, so it was a fair decision.

21 min Mexico try a free kick in the training ground, but the final ball is too close to Emi Martinez.

20 min The exuberant Lozano twists away from Otamendi and is brought down. Free kick to Mexico, 30 yards from goal…

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